How to check the code MD5 file download ghost, game … with FFSJ

Have you ever tried checking MD5 code to download ghost files, games … using FFSJ? This tool has the main function of cutting and merging files, but it also helps you to check whether the downloaded file is damaged or not.

Usually with the download file on the network, especially the ghost file, or the game, the sharer usually leaves the MD5 code for the downloader to check before downloading. MD5 uses a standard algorithm RFC 1321, it will generate any string to help you check the integrity of the file.

For example, after I uploaded a game file and shared the MD5 code: GGTN34N – JFFNC53 – DJC5DV – FDV33 , but by the time you download the sequence above does not match or deviates a few characters, that means the upload file has been corrupted, and you should not waste your download time doing anything. Conversely, if the MD5 code you check coincides with my creation, it means that the upload file is still intact, downloadable and usable.

In the article below, I will show you how to check the code MD5 file download ghost, game using FFSJ, the famous file matching software.

Step 1: Download and install Fastest File Splitter and Joiner

Step 2: Install and launch FFSJ software.

  check the code md5 with ffsj
md5 bang ffsj

Step 3: Switch to the MD5 Checksum tab and navigate to the file you want to check. After checking, you will see the MD5 code snippet in the MD5 signature box below.

check ghost md5 bang ffsj

After obtaining this MD5 code, you can use it to compare with the MD5 code that the uploader has provided, so that the file is known as corrupted or not.

check ghost md5 bang ffsj, check ghost md5 bang ffsj

So introduced to you how to check MD5, check the code MD5 file download ghost, game using FFSJ. There are also a lot of other software that comes with this function, please refer to the quick MD5 test we introduced earlier.


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