How to check the computer configuration, see hardware laptop Windows 10, 7, 8, XP

There are many ways that computer users can check their computer configuration whether they are using Windows 10, 8, or Windows 7. The ways to check this computer’s configuration are quite simple. The information you need to know about the computer and laptop you are using is like.

When you choose to buy a computer one of the things you care about is their configuration. Most of these parameters are public, but you do not always keep that public information or when you need to check a machine. So is there any way to check the configuration of the computer? Please refer to the following article.

Check computer configuration

Check the computer configuration, check the configuration of Win 10, 7, 8, XP

Currently there are many ways to help you can check your pc configuration as well as view laptop configuration. Here are 3 simple ways to help you see the computer configuration most accurately

In the framework of this article we will guide you the easiest way to see. In addition, you can refer to how to check the configuration of a Win XP computer to get more details.

Check detailed computer configuration (Update)
By checking the configuration of the computer, we will use a feature available in Windows without having to install. With this test we can check the computer configuration from basic parameters to very detailed in the machine.
Step 1: You only need to press the key combination Windows Key + R then type msinfo32 then press Enter to access.
Check your computer needs
Step 2: Instant tool System Information appears, here you just need to see the section System Sumary To know everything about your computer, of course it includes basic parameters like OS, CPU, RAM and more.
Check your computer needs

Method 1: View computer configuration through Properties of My Computer with Windows 7 or This PC with Windows 8/10

We right click on the icon My Computer / This PC (1) -> select Properties (2)
see the computer screen win 7

You can see the configuration of laptop or pc in the System section, there are 5 main lines of information:

Rating: Score of Windows by checking the configuration of your computer

Processor: The chip code and the processor clock are embedded in your computer

Installer memory (RAM): RAM capacity

System type: Which architecture is your operating system using, 64bit or 32bit?

Pen and Touch: Does your computer support the use of a pen or touch?

Check the computer configuration win 7

With this method, you can check the configuration of the pc or check the configuration of the laptop is quite simple but not complete and detailed. In the second way below, will guide you to see the computer configuration in more detail,

Method 2: Check your computer configuration with the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.

The DirectX Diagnostic Tool provides you with more information, helping you choose whether your pc or laptop configuration is sufficient to meet the requirements.

On Windows 7/8/10 screen press the key combination Windows + R then type in “dxdiag“as shown below and click OK, got it.
Check your computer's windows 7 configuration

Then, the DirectX Diagnostic Tool window appears, there is a lot of basic computer information such as motherboard, processor, RAM, … you can view the computer configuration more on the Display tab, Sound, Input.

Method 3: Use CPU-Z software to check laptop and pc configuration

CPU-Z is a lightweight tool that provides complete and detailed computer information that makes it easy to view your pc configuration and laptop configuration easily. You can download and install the free CPU-Z here: Download CPU Z.

After installing the pc configuration tool, your CPU-Z laptop launches the application. Each card on the application gives you detailed information about your computer hardware as follows:

CPU, Caches: Provide information about the clock, cache of the processor on your computer

Mainboard: Information about motherboard

Memory, SPD: The amount of memory on your device and the speed of processing

Graphics: Information about computer display cards

Bench: Measure, check your computer configuration to see how much power is reached. If you only need to see the computer configuration, you should not use this feature because it can harm the computer.

Method 4: In addition, on Windows 7/8/10, there is an info window System Information It also provides you with more complete information than the tools available on Windows, but how to view the laptop configuration, this computer requires a user with good computer knowledge a bit.

On a computer screen, press the key combination Windows + R to open the dialog box Run. In the Run dialog box, type msinfo32 and press OK, got it

System Information window appears here, you can check the configuration of laptop and pc in the section System Summary

Method 4: Check the computer configuration in Vietnamese
Usually the way to check the computer configuration is to use English and partly it makes users limited in reading configuration parameters, but with the software named Speccy as below will help you. Check and learn about computer configuration in the easiest way to understand.
– Download Speccy for the computer here.
Step 1: After downloading Speccy, select the installation language is Vietnamese and then click continue.
Check the computer configuration win 7
Step 2: The next step you can choose to display the icon of Speccy on StartMenu or the desktop.
Check the computer configuration win 7
Step 3: After installation is complete we just click on complete to finish the installation process.
Check the computer configuration win 7
Step 4: Then you open the software to see most of the parameters are displayed in Vietnamese very easy to understand, of course there are some things that the term will not be translated.
Check the computer configuration win 7
You can know the parameter name of the CPU, RAM or VGA extremely detailed.
Check the computer configuration win 7
CPU parameters include the number of cores, the number of threads as well as all the necessary parameter components of the CPU.
Check the computer configuration win 7
Step 5: But if you do not like and want to use English is simple, just click section show > select option.
Check the computer configuration win 7
Step 6: In section Interface We can adjust it to English.
Check the computer configuration win 7
Step 7: And now the interface of the software is back to the English version for those who are familiar.
Check the computer configuration win 7

So has instructed you to check the configuration of computers simply and quickly on Windows 7/8/10. In addition to viewing the computer configuration, you should also check the computer temperature with the 5 best computer temperature checking software to know if your computer has a temperature error or has a stable operation. Thereby quickly find ways to overcome and repair.

For those of you who want to buy an old computer or laptop, you should pay attention to check the old laptop before you do not have to use a broken laptop, no longer use longer, check the computer configuration is a In the steps to check the old laptop is quite basic so you can check it yourself

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