How to check the IP address on Linux

How to check the IP address on Linux

The normal way to check IP on a computer is probably not new, but what about checking IP on Linux, especially when we are learning about Linux and specifically here Ubuntu.

There are many ways to Check IP on Linux, Ubuntu and in the article to learn about this operating system, will guide you. Surely you are not new to the computer IP test, check the LAN address, right. But if you are checking IPs on Linux, why do you think that checking IP of Windows computers is different from Ubuntu or not this article will give you a clear idea. must first make it clear that Linux has many operating systems based on and developed and in today’s IP test on Linux we use Ubuntu, the Linux operating system with graphical interface as well as the most popular users today.

Instructions for checking IP on Linux – Ubuntu

1. Check IP on Linux in the traditional way

With this traditional way, you can apply the IP checking method on Windows computers to check IP on Linux and Ubuntu. Very simple when you just need Click on the Network icon on the interface of Linux – Ubuntu then select Connection Information.

how to check ip address on linux 2

Here you can easily see the parameters IP Address familiar and that’s your IP address when you use Linux.

how to check ip address on linux 3

2. Check IP on Linux using Termnial

In addition to the traditional way of checking above, we also have a familiar test that is checking IP on Linux using Terminal. Terminal is the tool that owns the same features as the Command Prompt, and if you are a regular user of the Command Prompt or Powershell on your computer, it will certainly not be strange to this Terminal. On the Terminal we have a lot of ways to check the IP on Linux, first click Menu icon and type search Terminal to have access to this tool first.

how to check ip address on linux 4

Method 1:

Use the basic command line ip addr show to check IP on your Linux after opening Terminal on Ubuntu successfully.

how to check ip address on linux 5

And then you will get a range of parameters, remember behind inet parameters is the IP address you are looking for.

how to check ip address on linux 6

Method 2:

One more way is Use the syntax / sbin / ifconfig, this is the syntax used to check IP on Linux and after typing, press Enter.

how to check ip address on linux 7

The results are the same as above with after the inet addr line is the Linux, Ubuntu IP address you need to find.

how to check ip address on linux 8

Method 3:

This is the last way to check IP on Linux as well as the simplest way that recommends. You just Enter hostname -I then press Enter let Termial execute your command.

how to check ip address on linux 9

Immediately after that you will be surprised because with this command the system returns only one line and that is the IP check on Linux fast, simplest that you should use.

how to check ip address on linux 10
With the above methods, it is more than enough for you to check the IP on Linux in all situations, the above is just a basic trick to help users become familiar with the Linux operating system – Ubuntu. If you are using and want to learn more about Ubuntu, first you need to find Ubuntu shortcuts first, the more Ubuntu shortcuts will help you manipulate faster when using tools and off features in the system. run this.


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