How to check the .NET Framework on computers, laptops

You want to check the .NET Framework, which supports using any software with a programming language on your computer. If you are an IT person, is it necessary for NET Framework to install and check with your computer on

In a nutshell, the Net Framework is a programming platform that executes applications on the Windows operating system, it is the pre-set code to help the computer run any desired software, but all However, not all software requires Net Framework 4.5 to run

It can be said that the .NET Framework is an indispensable component in your computer, after this article you will know how to check the version of .NET Framework or whether you have or not. If not, install the .NET Framework now.

Instructions to check Net Framework on the computer.

Download .Net FrameWork 2 version: Net Framework 2.0
Download .Net FrameWork 3 version: Net Framework 3.0
Download .Net FrameWork 3.5 version: Net Framework 3.5
Download .Net FrameWork 4 version: Net Framework 4.0
Download .Net FrameWork version 4.6.1: Net Framework 4.6.1

Step 1: Use key combinations Windows + R, Type “regedit” and then OK.

Check your net framework version on your computer

Step 2: In Regedit navigate to the following address to view and check the .Net Framework being used: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft .NET Framework.

Check your net framework version on your computer

Currently the computer is using version v4.0

Next to the address HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft .NET Framework Setup to check again about the installed version.

Check your net framework version on your computer

Check out the .NET Framework at the bottom of V4.0
With 2 basic operations, you can check the .NET Framework on your computer, here is an extremely simple but useful trick, helping you to improve your computer knowledge. In addition, you can also check the version of DirectX that is installed on the computer. How much is it because the DirectX version check will help you update or reinstall the old version to match the relevant software on the computer. .


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