How to check the typing speed

Typing speed depends on the ability to use the keyboard, proficiency of each person. People who type with 10 fingers will have better typing speed than those who type with each finger. To find out what level of typing you are at, check your typing speed now.

To avoid disappointment with typing speed Before checking the typing speed, users should learn how to type with 10 fingers. TypingMaster Pro software is an effective tool to help practice tap 10 fingers effective at home. TypingMaster Pro software has professional typing exercises, which help you manipulate on the computer more quickly. Practice often, you will definitely improve and improve your typing speed. To find out what your current typing speed is, take the typing speed test.

How to check the typing speed

Step 1: Access Come in to check my typing speed.

In the website interface, select Typing Test. This is a mode to test the fast typing speed of this tool.

Step 2: The interface of the website will appear in Vietnamese, the words will be arranged in reverse, making you have to concentrate to type correctly.

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Type each word in the Typing Test with the fastest speed possible. The correct typed words will be green, the error typed will turn red.

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After 1 minute of typing, you will be assessed your typing speed. The total number of words typed, the number of words typed correctly, incorrectly typed, and the speed converted into words WPM .

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Practice typing regularly to improve the typing speed. Your WPM typing speed will improve if you practice hard.

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You should learn to type 10 fingers on the keyboard to increase typing speed. When you first practice, certainly typing 10 fingers will be slower, but after a long practice, the operation will be much more mature. At this point, you should try to check the typing speed.

In fact, when writing documents, working on computers, not necessarily fast typing is better. There are the best standard typing tips that users should know to speed their work. The key words, acronyms are Tips for standard text typing and fastest when you usually use a certain phrase. Not only are shortcuts, there are quick and standard typing tips that are needed for everyone.
Children are the fastest learning period for learning to type. Therefore, you should install typing software for children so that your children can practice typing. Use those typing practice software for kids Certainly, children will acquire skills of typing 10 fingers, knock off quickly. In today’s technology environment, practice typing quickly is essential. Please equip your child with the software to practice typing for children to have the most solid technology foundation.


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