How to check whether or not MicroSoft Office 2013 is activated

A guide to checking the copyright of MicroSoft Office 2013 pre-installed on the computer has been activated or not is a hot issue that many people are interested in, and is also the main topic of this article, please invite Taimienphi to find understand MicroSoft Office 2013 testing tips quickly and effectively offline!

For many users when buying a computer, the device has pre-installed operating system and office toolkit MicroSoft Office copyrighted. However, most likely these are only trial versions and will expire after a period of use.

Check out the copyright MicroSoft Office 2013

So, how do I know if my MicroSoft Office software is copyrighted or not? Taimienphi will guide you on how to check the license of MicroSoft Office, more specifically the version of MicroSoft Office 2013 quickly and effectively.

How to check copyright MicroSoft Office 2013

Step 1: You open any software in the MicroSoft Office 2013 office toolkit such as Word, Excel or Powerpoint;

Step 2: You click on the item File located in the toolbar at the top of the screen;

how to check microsoft office 2013 has been activated or not authorized 2

Step 3: In the new screen, click on the item Account in the menu menu on the left.

how to check microsoft office 2013 was duly authorized or not 3

Here, the software information will show you full information about Office version, account information and copyright status as well.

If the screen shows notification Product Activated Congratulations, your Office is copyrighted and you can safely use it. Conversely, if the screen appears text Activation Required As shown below, you need to activate copyright immediately.

how to check microsoft office 2013 was duly authorized or not 4
So with only 3 simple steps, Taimienphi has guided you the tricks MicroSoft Office 2013 copyright test Quick and effective. For other newer versions of Office, you can apply the same. As for the older versions, Taimienphi will have a separate article with detailed instructions for your reference. In the process of using Office 2013, you refer to more ways stamped copyright text Word 2013 here.


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