How to check wifi speed on iPhone and Android phones?

How to check wifi speed on iPhone and Android phones?

Speedtest supports to check the speed of wifi on phones, popular computers, tools that work when the device has an internet connection, … Using Speedtest free will help you check the network speed, connection quality. of your mobile device anytime, anywhere.

Speedtest application helps users to check the wifi network speed easily and accurately with just one touch. Speedtest records download and upload speeds in seconds and creates a specific report graph. You will easily verify that your network connection is at the right speed as the network operator committed or detect the problem to have a timely fix.

Check the wifi speed on your phone with Speedtest

Currently, Speedtest has a full version of the application for 2 popular mobile operating systems, iOS and Android. Interested users can download the latest Speedtest in the link below.

– For Android version: Download Speedtest for Android
– For iOS version: Download Speedtest for iPhone

Check the wifi speed on your phone properly by Speedtest

As mentioned above, checking the speed of wifi with Speedtest is not difficult, you just need to launch the application from the phone screen and press the button. Go to begin. However, Speedtest currently does not support Vietnamese language so many people will have difficulty using it. For you to measure effectively, Taimienphi will guide you through the steps and things to note.

Step 1: After starting the application from the phone screen, Speedtest’s main working screen will display as follows.

how to check the hair by wifi on your phone 2

Right now, you can press GO to carry out the measurement immediately. However, please pay attention to some application features provided to users such as:

– Multi – The application will perform tests by many different connections. This will help you know the maximum network speed you can achieve.

– Single – Single connection will be suitable if you want to check network speed when downloading a file.

By default, Speedtest will measure your network speed to the server location of the nearest operator. If you want to measure network speed from your location to another server, you can press CHANGE SERVER and select the network operator from the list.

how to check the hair by wifi on your phone 3

Step 2: When the measurement process takes place, Speedtest connects to the server and checks the upload and download speed, file latency, etc.

how to check the hair by wifi on your phone 4

Step 3: After checking the wifi speed on the phone, Speedtest will display the results, there are 3 indicators that you need to pay attention.

how to check the hair by wifi on your phone 5

Ping – This indicator shows the amount of time it takes Speed ​​to send a packet to a machine and respond. This high index will cause lag, lag when using the network, especially seriously affecting people who are playing games. Ping speed about 100 ms is considered to be acceptable level.

Download – This is probably the familiar index and most interested people. Download indicator indicates data download speed your machine.

Upload – Upload index usually does not get as much attention from people as the Download index. However it will be necessary if you often have to upload files online. The higher the upload speed, the better your job upload data The faster the network.
By Wifi speed test On your phone with the Speedtest tool, you will easily know the status and speed of network connection on your mobile device. Hopefully, after consulting the information provided by Taimienphi, you will be able to exploit the features of the application and understand the measurement indicators to accurately assess the connection speed or detect network problems in time. . In addition to Speedtest, you can refer to these Internet speed test website differs here on his computer.


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