How to check Wifi speed, see how much the network speed

How to check Wifi speed, see how much the network speed

To check Wifi speed, see how much network speed of network providers such as VNPT, FPT, Viettel … then users can use specialized software or online software to check the speed. The network, free network test and the results are quite accurate.

Want to measure network speed VNPT, FPT, Viettel … and especially Wifi speed test To see if the speed that the network provider has committed to true with the actual speed when you use it or not, you can even check the speed of your phone network using 3G, 4G … You can Check on devices that are connected to WiFi and computers, laptops using the Internet.

Check the Internet speed Wifi

Guide to check Wifi speed, see network speed

1. Why check network speed?

– Check to see if the network has fulfilled its bandwidth commitment: When you sign a contract to use the internet of providers such as FPT, Viettel or VNPT …, the contract clearly states the bandwidth of the internet package you have registered to use. In ideal conditions, the network speed you use will be the same as the network speed committed. And if in some cases, when you ping the network, check the network speed and see the results are not as committed, it may be because you ping the wrong server or the time you checked is peak, there are many people. access in a small area … And if you check correctly and the network speed is not as committed in the contract, then you need to contact the network provider to coordinate checking and handling.

– Check to see if your Internet connection has a signal loss or not: Currently the internet providers provide users with a well-known name, so the bandwidth provision is not as committed as almost no. Often the speed is changed, the ethnicity is slow without happening during the peak hours, you should check the speed of network access to see if it is due to the loss of signal transmission line. Users accessing the modem to check the network parameters, if still at the threshold from -19 to -25 is still normal, but if this threshold is exceeded, there will be network loss, possibly due to optical cable being broken or maybe staff not press the fiber optic cable properly … Of course, you should contact the operator of the network provider to discuss, advice for remedial measures, timely handling.

– Check to see if your Internet connection is being used at a temple: If with the above two cases but not, you check again to see the network speed is still slow. So it is very likely that someone else is already using your network. If you do not want others to use your internet connection, you need to change the wifi password, change the wifi modem immediately.

– Simple you like then you check: This test helps you know the current network speed you are using, the current speed is ideal … through which you know the information to adjust bandwidth with the network provider if find it necessary.

2. Check the wifi speed, network speed on the phone

Currently, there are quite a lot of software and applications that help users check the speed of wifi, the speed of 3G, 4G internet on the phone. However, in our opinion, the best and most accurate software today is Speedtest.

Step 1: Open the phone, you access the application store CH-Play (for Android devices) App Store (for iOS devices).

Step 2: Find software named Speedtest, then you download the installer to install. Or you can download directly from the download link below and then install.

– Download Speedtest for Android here
– Download Speedtest for iPhone here

Step 3: Installation is complete, you open the software Speedtest on your phone -> then you wait a few seconds to click Begin Test to start performing the test ..

Step 4: Wait for a while, the clockwise hand will inform your current network speed is how many Mbps.

You note that at each time the test will produce different results, or the different server will produce the test results, checking the network speed is much different. As shown below, you’ll see the network bandwidth is 8.29 Mbps, Ping is 17 ms, Download is 16.98 Mbps.

how to check the hair by wifi to see how much hair is brought 2

3. Check the wifi speed, network speed on the computer

With computers, laptops, the easiest way is to perform an online network speed test without installing additional software. You only need to visit the website to check the internet speed, click the button, you can immediately check the speed of your Internet connection. Similar to the above, you can immediately use the Speedtest web to check.

Step 1: On the computer even on the phone -> you open the web browser -> then access the website direct HERE

Step 2: At interface Speedtest web, click on it Go to conduct a speed test.

how to check the hair by wifi to see how much hair is brought 3

Step 3: You wait between 10 seconds to 20 seconds for Speedtest web to perform the online speed test that you are currently using.

how to check hair by wifi to see how much hair is brought 4

Step 4: Test results of wifi speed, network speed will be displayed as in the image below. And of course you will know and easily read the parameters of network speed.

how to check hair by wifi to see how much hair is brought 5

4. How to ping ip to measure internet speed

Pinging a network has a fairly common way for users to quickly check the internet speed exactly as most of you do IT or use. This way, users do not have to install any additional software or have to access a website address at all. In case the network is slow but you access the website to check the network speed, it may make you more annoyed because the test can take quite a long time and take time. Therefore, it is best to ping the network speed to check.

Step 1: You press the keyboard shortcut Windows + R

Step 2: At the line Open -> type the command cmd -> press Enter

how to check the hair by wifi to see how much hair is brought 6

Step 3: Perform Ping to the address to check.

– If Ping website, type command: Ping -> space -> website needs Ping. For example: ping
– If ping IP address: You type Ping -> space -> IP address:

+ Network Fpt: You type ping
+ Viettel network: You type ping
+ VNPT network: You type ping

Note: The above commands you need to type directly, do not make copy, pase in the CMD screen.

The picture below is you Ping website -> the result will show as in the image below, the server response is good, average 5ms.

how to check the hair by wifi to see how much hair is brought 7

And here is when you ping VNPT Network IP -> results will display as in the image below, the server response is very good, averaging 26ms.

how to check hair by wifi to see how much hair is brought 8
Hope through the article check Wifi speed, see network speed How much has just been introduced above will help you in checking the network speed, you will be more assured about the connection speed of the network that you have registered, thereby using, exploiting in the most reasonable level. Good luck.


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