How to check Windows copyright or pirated

To check whether Windows is copyrighted or pirated, you can search and download tools online, but you can easily do this very quickly and simply through a tool installed by Microsoft. Pre-installed on all products using its operating system.

In some computer business shops, when buying a laptop or desktop computer, the store will promise to install and provide a licensed Windows on the device for free. But actually this can be just a pirated version or use pirated keys to activate and will expire when you update your operating system or after 3-6 months of use.

Check Windows copyright or pirated

So how to know if your computer is using a copyrighted operating system? Taimienphi will guide you in an extremely simple way Check Windows copyright by tools available on your computer.

How to check Windows copyright or pirated

Step 1: To check the copyright of the Windows operating system is very simple, you first press Start . You enter CMD to search and activate tools Command Prompt with Admin right .

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Step 2: In the window Command Prompt Once opened, enter the command slmgr / xpr and press Enter to perform the test.

How to check your windows registry or wipe 3

Tools Command Prompt will respond with a brief notice of just a few seconds. There will be 3 possible cases.

The machine is permanently activated : Test results show that your device is running the standard copyrighted operating system, you can safely continue to use.

Volume activation will expire day / month / year : Is your computer using pirated copyright or trial key? The main display time is the expiry date.

Error: Product key not found : Your computer has not yet activated copyright;

How to check your windows registry or wipe 4
So with just a few simple operations on the Command Prompt tool available, Taimienphi has helped you Check Windows copyright of fast and convenient computer. Hopefully this tip will be a pocket tip so you can use it whenever needed. If you are using Windows 10, you refer to how Check if Windows 10 is Active here.


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