How to check your Samsung phone warranty in the most detailed way

You just bought a new phone or bought an old phone but still have a warranty but want to check the Samsung phone warranty, what to do? Is there any way to check that the Samsung phone warranty is absolutely accurate?

Samsung Always the company that equip its phones with lots of features including the smallest. That’s why Check your Samsung phone warranty it’s just a completely normal thing and if you need to check your Samsung phone warranty to see how long it will last, the following article will help you. With this Samsung phone warranty check, you can apply it to all Samsung phones, including tablets.

Check your Samsung phone warranty

Instructions on how to check the Samsung phone warranty

Step 1: To check the warranty of your Samsung phone is very simple, you just need to have your phone’s IMEI and to get your phone’s IMEI into the listening and calling section. type * # 06 # is the system will automatically execute the command for you.

how to check your mobile phone samsung 2

Step 2: Next you will see the IMEI appear, please note accurately record IMEI This is because you will use it to check Samsung phone warranty.

how to check your Samsung mobile phone 3

Step 3: Now go to your message section and you compose a message with content IMEI name just now can see it later Send to 6060 (Please check all VND 500 / message) and then click send message.

how to check your Samsung mobile phone 4

Step 4: The system will warn you about the warranty of Samsung phones will cost you but it does not take too much, just send it.

how to check your Samsung mobile phone 5

Immediately the system will reply the message to you and you will know the results of the Samsung phone warranty test.

how to check your Samsung mobile phone 6

Above is a guide on how to check your Samsung phone warranty, through the above guide, you have seen one of the basic Samsung features that anyone can access and check clearly, through which If there is any problem with your phone, you can take it to Samsung warranty service for free repair. If you are using an iPhone, you refer to how Check iPhone warranty period here.

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