How to check your UEFI or BIOS, MBR or GPT hard drive?

How to check the UEFI or BIOS hard drive, MBR or GPT standard on your computer. And what does checking the UEFI or BIOS, MBR or GPT hard drive do? What information does the drive tell you?

How to check UEFI or BIOS hard drive or hard drive under MBR or GPT now? And will this test benefit us in any way? Surely you’ve heard of how to install Windows 10 or create USB to install Windows 10 with UEFI standard, right, so why must create USB install Windows 10 with UEFI standard but not MBR. Surely this must bring some benefit to the user. And that benefit will be explained to you in the article below.

What is UEFI? What is the BIOS?

– BIOS also known as Basic Input / Output System is software that works at a low level. It is a group of commands stored on a Firmware chip located on the computer’s motherboard. With each laptop, there are different ways to access the BIOS, the shortcuts to the BIOS like F12 hya Dell depend on the laptop.

Unified Extensible Firmware Interface aka UEFI was developed by Intel to address the BIOS limitations when used in 64-bit Itanium servers. At first UEFI was called Intel Boot Initiative.

UEFI performs many of the same tasks as traditional BIOS, but there are a few other customizations arranged in basic images. Although it is not necessary to use beautiful visuals, it is really useful for tasks such as overclocking.

What is the MBR? What is GPT?

MBR stands for Master Boot Record, first introduced with IBM PC DOS 2.0 in 1983. The name Master Boot Record is because MBR is the first boot sector of the drive. This sector contains the boot loader installed on the operating system and information about the logical partition of the hard drive.

The boot loader is a small piece of code to load a larger boot loader from another partition on the drive. If you install Windows, the initial bits of the Windows boot loader are here – that’s why you have to “fix” the MBR if it’s overwritten and Windows won’t be able to boot.

GPT is a newer standard that is gradually replacing the MBR standard. GPT is related to UEFI, UEFI replaces BIOS, UEFI has a more modern interface and features. In addition, GPT also replaced the old MBR partition systems with more modern features and interfaces.

GPT is not limited as MBR. GPT can work on much larger hard drives, with size limits depending on the operating system and file systems.

GPT also allows unlimited partitions. The limitation is that your Windows-based operating system allows up to 128 partitions on a GPT drive, and you do not have to create extended partitions for them to work.

-> Refer to analysis article MBR Partition and GPT Partition What is the difference? What is the difference between these two standards?

How to check the UEFI hard drive or the BIOS

To be able to check that your hard drive supports UEFI or BIOS (Legacy) according to the old standard we use a software called HWiNFO. Download HWiNFO about the computer here.

Step 1: Then proceed to extract HWiNFO by software WinRAR on your computer.

guide to check whether you are using uefi or bios mbr or gpt 2

Step 2: Depending on which version you choose is 32 bit or 64 bit, here we use 64 bit Windows 10 so select 64 bit and open it with admin rights.

guide to check in uefi or bios mbr or gpt 3

Step 3: Display HWiNFO software pop up, you just need to click Run to proceed with launch.

guide to check in uefi or bios mbr or gpt 4

Step 4: Soon there will appear 3 different parameter windows, please turn off 2 windows as in the picture below.

guide to check in uefi or bios mbr or gpt 5

Step 5: And just keep the HWiNFO only, here you are Look at the UEFI BOOT series, if displayed Present ie your computer, laptop UEFI support and if it is No Present ie your computer Only support BIOS (Legacy) never mind.

guide to check in uefi or bios mbr or gpt 6

Click on the section Motherboard check the line UEFI BIOS, if Capable then your computer UEFI support, also Not Capable and the UEFI Boot specification above is Not Present your device Does not support UEFI but only BIOS support.

guide to check in uefi or bios mbr or gpt 7

How to check an MBR or GPT hard drive

To test hard drive MBR or GPT is very simple and we do not need to use any software at all.

Step 1: To test we press Windows + R key combination then type Diskpart and click OK.

How to check with uefi or bios mbr or gpt 8

Step 2: Next, type the List disk command to display the drive.

guide to check in uefi or bios mbr or gpt 9

Step 3: Here you see the drive shown below with the GPT column on the outside, if marked * means that the drive is in GPT format or not in the MBR.

How to check with uefi or bios mbr or gpt 10
Above showed you how to check the UEFI hard drive or BIOS, the hard drive is in MBT or GPT. With this test, more or less tell you the status of your computer, hard drive to know how we should install Windows 10 appropriately. For example, how to install Windows 10 64-bit standard UEFI – GPT that we mentioned at the beginning of the article because with some new devices now will not support BIOS anymore, otherwise install Windows 10 64bit standard UEFI GPT You will not install it.


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