How to click the standard 4-wire network cable, click the standard connection cable

Standard network cable is clicked according to standard connection for 8 seconds, supports RJ45 connector type. But did you know that using the phone is a standard 4-wire network cable as in the article we are saying that the wire can also be used to connect to the network.

Maybe you didn’t know apart from using the usual ways to press the network cable, standard wire support type RJ45 network nut with 8 primary colors we can too press the standard 4-wire network cable. There are many questions that whether pressing the standard 4-wire network cable is safe as well as ensuring the connection for you. If you try to use, you will see almost no difference in home network model or small networks.

Of course, also does not encourage you to use clicking on a 4-wire network cable This standard applies to corporate systems where there are multiple switches, modems or routers in the system. You should only consider pressing standard 4-wire network cable as a temporary solution in case there is no 8-color wire to press the network cable for the system.

Instructions on how to click the standard 4-wire network cable, click the standard connection cable.

Step 1: Before proceeding to press a standard 4-wire network cable, first you need to prepare a complete set of equipment including the following equipment:

– RJ45 network cable pliers, press type, common type today
– Special wire cutter, can use pliers instead.
– RJ45 network nut (common type), the most common standard for home network systems, companies.
– Cables of the type of arbitrary network, the product price is about 5,000 / for one meter CAT 5E

How to take 4 procedures to prepare for the second stage

Next we need to pay attention to the two standards are T568A or T568B in the picture, but not applied to these two standards, let us remember the order of positions. Because with only 4 wires, we will not be able to fill 8 holes, instead, only fill in positions 1 2 3 and 6 only.

How to take 4 diagnostic methods to get to standard point 3

Step 2: Proceed using a knife, scissors or use the pliers to cut off the shell of the network cord. Note that only the outer protective sheath is cut, not the sheath of the inner wires.

How to wear 4 diagnostic techniques to connect to standard 4

Step 3: Then you proceed wire separation, to press the standard 4-wire network cable you should put 2 white wires on the 2 sides and in the middle are 2 colored wires in the order of orange and green strings.

how to wear 4 procedures to get the standard results 5

Step 4: Next, you straighten the string and cut off the excess to easily put into the network nut.

How to wear 4 diagnostic techniques to speak of standard 6

Step 5: Next, put the wire into the positions 1 2 3 6 as shown above, then use the pliers to press firmly.

How to wear 4 diagnostic techniques to get standardized 7

Step 7: Finally, pull out your test device and try again to see if the connection is stable. If all the lights are on equally well, you are done with the standard 4-wire network push button.

How to take 4 diagnostic procedures to prepare for a series 8
Above are all the operations to press the standard 4-wire network then, the above article you can apply to perform network press without having to buy the available wires or asking a clicker with a price higher than 2 , 3 times conventional. In addition, if you want to learn more about how to connect two-switch network cables so that they are standard, please refer to the article on how to connect the 2-wire network connection made by


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