How to compress files with WinRAR

Today WinRAR is very important, almost every one of us has ever compressed files with WinRAR or compressed it with this tool. Using WinRAR is not difficult, but besides compressing files with WinRAR, do you know there are many unique features in this software?

Compress files with WinRAR is The work is quite common for us, especially office workers, but if you only instruct to compress files by WinRAR or extract by WinRAR, has had instructions for a long time. In this article, we will guide you through the contents, features that WinRAR can do that even long-term users do not know.

Let’s explore with to see if besides compressing files with WinRAR, the compression knows nothing of the content in this article. If you are a newbie, it will help you quickly get acquainted and use more proficiently with WinRAR, but if you have used WinRAR for a long time, this is an article to help you improve your skills when using WinRAR or adding knowledge. There is a missing method to compress and decompress this file.

Guide to compress files by WinRAR

– Download WinRAR to your computer here, download WinRAR.

Step 1: Now, let’s get acquainted with basic steps in WinRAR to know how to compress WinRAR files, suppose has a folder here and our task is to compress that folder now. again.

File Winrar State Guide 2

Step 2: After installing WinRAR you just need to Right click Folder will have the following 4 values ​​for you to identify:

File Winrar State Guide 3

* Add to archive..: Compress that file in WinRAR interface.
* Add to …: Compress the file to its default name.
* Compress and Email: Compress the file in WinRAR interface and send it to mail later.
* Compress to …: Compress the file according to the existing name of the file and send it to mail.

Step 3: If you choose Add to archive You will see the interface of WinRAR, here we will familiarize you with 2 main sections that this article will introduce you.

File Winrar State Guide 4

– Archive Format:

WinRAR supports compressed files with 3 popular types of formats, you can choose one of three formats RAR, RAR4 and Zip. If you want to use RAR or Zip because of its popularity with file types, but of course if that computer has WinRAR installed, it doesn’t matter which format it is.

– Setting for WinRAR Archiving options file:

* Delete file after archiving: Delete the original file after compressing the file with WinRAR successfully.

* Create SFX Archive: Create an archive that can uncompress owrw on a computer without WinRAR.

* Create solid Archive: Longer compression time but better compression quality.

* Add recovery record: The feature to record information to repair compressed files when corrupted.

* Test archived files: Check the compressed file after successful.

* Lock archive: Do not allow to edit the file.

And of course, the time it takes for the file to compress will completely depend on the size of the file and your computer’s configuration.

File Winrar State Guide 5

And then we finished compressing the file using WinRAR, with a complete zip file with the same name as the old folder.

File Winrar State Guide 6

The level of file compression you can check and whether it compresses more or less completely depends on the type of file in the folder. If it is an image file, the doc will compress more than film files or exe and ISO files.

File Winrar State Guide 7

Extract the file with WinRAR

Step 1: To extract the file using WinRAR we just need to right-click on WinRAR and here are 4 similar options that readers need to pay attention.

File Winrar State Guide 8

* Open with WinRAR: Open on WinRAR interface and then extract.
* Extract files: Unzip the file with the specified directory depending on you.
* Extract here: Extract files right here, instantly.
* Extract to …: Unzip the file and create the directory with the file name right here.

Step 2: Similar to when we compress files with WinRAR, the time for decompression is fast or slow depends entirely on the computer configuration and the size of the files.

File Winrar State File 9

After the process is completed, it is time for your file to be completely extracted.

Set a password for WinRAR

Step 1: Setting a password is a way to protect your WinRAR file and prevent others from peeking and sharing files more safely, setting a password is quite simple when at the interface of WinRAR we click set password and then enter the password.

File Winrar State Guide 10

Step 2: In the password setting interface, there are 2 parts you need to pay attention to as follows:

File Winrar Installation Guide 11

* Show password: Show password when typing, this only helps you to enter password without forgetting it.

* Encrypt file names: Encrypt the file name, this setting helps to more secure the file you are compressing.

And then if someone wants to open your file but does not need to decompress, it is required to enter a password already, enter the wrong file will not be able to decompress.

File Winrar Installation Guide 12

With the instructions above, hopefully readers can understand more about WinRAR as well as the tools and features included in WinRAR. In WinRAR there are many more advanced features that in an article I cannot tell, will continue to send to you in the next articles.

With WinRAR we can do a lot of work such as creating extremely popular and convenient exe archive file, if you do not know how to do it, why not try create exe compressed file right here with the instructions of

To be able to access WinRAR faster, please refer to how Add WinRAR to Startmenu, Windows 10 Taskbar to just go to Startmenu or Taskbar can open WinRAR software already.
In addition, there are many machines, users will set up running programs with admin rights, and with WinRAR is no exception, you absolutely can. Run WinRAR as Administrator on your computer to perform compression and decompression of the file.


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