How to configure a detailed Lingoes dictionary from A to Z

How to configure a detailed Lingoes dictionary from A to Z will be shared by in the following article. If you do not know the configuration of Lingoes, you should refer to the following article of, using Lingoes software easier.

First we download the latest version of Lingoes and install it on our computer. During the installation of Lingoes, you need to pay attention to some important options to make the word search convenient. Detailed way install Lingoes and use, readers can refer to the article of After installing successfully, we proceed to configure Lingoes dictionary.

Instructions for configuring Lingoes dictionary from A to Z in detail

On the interface of the software window you click on the item Configuration:

General tab: Here you can select the main language for the software interface, such as English or Vietnamese. In case you want to use Vietnamese language package but not yet integrated in the software, you can download and install Vietnamese for Lingoes to use the software to be better

+ Select the search engine to use for searching the web: Select the search engine when using the software

+ History & Cache: Set the saved search in history

+ There are also some other items such as: Selecting the file export format (Set dictionary file associations), starting the software with Windows (Run when I log on to Windows) …

  curing lingoes

Appearance tab: Here we can choose the interface template for the software (Windows Style) and select the font style, format, font size …

electronic dictionary

Translation: Selecting translation tools (Translation Engine), main language (Target language) ..

curing lingoes

Text Capture: Select the word search methods such as: Mouse Activation Mode, characters to be ignored, translated by selecting text (For Text Selection) or double clicking to translate (For Double Clicking) …

curing lingoes

Speech: Set the translation method when using audio

curing lingoes

Connection: Set up connection settings

Hotkeys: Install shortcut keys

online Lingoes online game

And some other settings such as IP address, connection port (you can ignore it if not understood). Finally click OK, got it To pomegranate the settings
Hopefully, with the above tutorial article, readers have mastered the Lingoes dictionary configuration, so that they can set up their operation to use it quickly and conveniently. In addition, Lac Viet dictionary is also a dictionary software used by many users. If use Lac Viet dictionary To look up words, you will be supported with a huge vocabulary library of hundreds of thousands of words, diverse and rich in many types of words, and this library is always updated regularly and brings the best experience for people. use


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