How to configure wifi system settings

Learn how to configure wifi system to help you solve problems such as changing wifi password or renaming …. Refer to this article to know how to configure wifi settings effectively.

In this article, I will show you how to configure the wifi system. After reference, you can interact with your wireless modem yourself without the help of technical staff.

Log into the wifi system

Step 1: Find the IP address

Find computers using the LAN of the total Modem, Type CMD or keystrokes Windows-R then press ‘cmd’.

Go to command Tracert Wait a minute will show the first IP, which is the IP modem.

  set up wifi configuration

Step 2: Go to the browser, access or, then enter the following information:

User: admin (root)
Pass: admin (or 12345)

wifi settings

Change the access IP to the modem

To change the access IP to the modem, go to the LAN tab, in the IP address box, enter the optional IP. Of course you should choose an IP range so that it is easy to remember, after changing your wifi will be restarted the connection.

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Change wifi password

To change the wifi password, go to the tab Wireless> Security (depending on the device), then in the box WPA / WAPI passphrase you enter the new password.
So just introduced to you how to configure wifi system configuration. We do not make complicated settings or configurations, because it is likely that it will cause your wifi system to have problems or errors during use. In addition we also guide Create a Wifi hotspot on your computer using UC Browser. If you are interested, please drop by for reference.


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