How to connect a laptop to a TV, transfer photos, videos from a computer to the projector via HDMI, VGA

In the following article, guides how to connect a laptop to a TV in detail by following the steps. The connection between laptop and TV will help you project images, videos from computer to TV effectively.

With the growing technology trend, teaching via projectors, watching content from computers on TV is quite a lot. So you need to know how to connect a laptop to a TV so that there is no problem during watching and teaching. The following article will guide you to connect a laptop to a television, a computer and a projector via HDMI, VGA in a simple way.

Note: Before starting to connect a laptop to a television, equip yourself with a laptop and projector or television that supports HDMI and VGA ports. With the source device and the transmitter, the HDMI cable is also extremely important. HDMI cables can be purchased at electronics components stores or centers specializing in electronics technology.

Instructions to connect a laptop to the TV

Step 1:

Connect 1 HDMI (VGA) to the HDMI port on the laptop. Then, connect the remaining HDMI connector to the HDMI port of the TV or projector. You should pay attention to the distance between laptop and TV depends on the length of the HDMI cable.

Step 2:

Using the remote press the power button of the television or projector. Then select the HDMI command line (this command line will appear an additional command input).

Step 3:

Wait for the TV or projector to connect to the laptop. If you wait for about 15 seconds, there is no signal to receive the cable. You press the key combination Windows-P on the laptop, then select on Duplicate to pair the laptop with the TV.

Connected computer with television chieu

When pressing Windows + P key combination, there will be some different display modes depending on the needs of each person:

how to connect a laptop to a tv

PC Screen Only: Only displays the output source screen

Duplicate: Display content on both screens with the same content

Extend: This is a 2-screen parallel display mode. Unlike Duplicate mode, users can drag and drop objects and windows from one screen to the other and display multiple objects in parallel.

Second screen Only: Only shows the 2nd screen.

Step 4:

After connecting the laptop to the television successfully, the computer screen will appear on the projector screen or television. From here you can easily display all content from the laptop for everyone to see. Very convenient for teaching or watching soccer, big screen movies …

connect with computer television

Thus, has instructed you to connect a laptop to a television, a computer and a projector via simple HDMI, VGA ports. You can enjoy showing what you like on a bigger screen for everyone to watch. From a small laptop screen only you can track now, anyone can watch with you. This is amazing, isn’t it? In addition, we also guide the standard USB Type C information. If you are interested, please drop by for reference.
Miracast now supports Windows 10 – this is a technology that supports connecting laptops to other devices without wires such as HDMI or VGA, but not all devices have it, please refer to the article Check out Win 10 with Miracast Whether or not to watch it on your device.


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