How to connect a Raspberry Pi remotely using a Windows computer

How to connect a Raspberry Pi remotely using a Windows computer

If you’re working on a Raspberry Pi, but you need to access your Windows computer to get important data, check your email, etc. In the following article, will guide you how to connect Raspberry Pi remotely using Windows computer.

By connecting a Raspberry Pi remotely to a Windows computer, you can access your computer anywhere on the Raspberry Pi. Refer to the following article of to know how to do it.

Method kdullt nOohi Raspberry Pi tyes far bàWindows computer

Follow the steps below to remotely connect to a Windows computer on a Raspberry Pi:

BuuOhc 1: Cãu Windows k profiledullt nOohi tyes far

The first step is to make sure Windows can accept incoming remote connections using the RDP protocol. To do this we will need to enable the Remote Assistance setting.

Open Windows Explorer, then find and right-click This PC, select Properties. On the System window, find Remote settings.

Here find and check the box next to Allow Remote Assistance connections to this computer, then click Apply to apply the changes. Alternatively, you can click the Advanced button, then check the box Allow this computer to be controlled Remands and click OK.

Finally, click OK to close the Properties window and exit the System window.

BuOhc 2: Find ddPoopa chhey Windows computer IP

The next step we need to do is find the IP address of the Windows computer. You have several options:

The easiest way is to right-click the Start button and select Windows PowerShell. Then on the window PowerShell, enter the following command:

Check the list of your current connections, Wifi and Ethernet wired network will be listed as wireless LAN card.

how to connect raspberry pi from remote to computer windows 2

If the above method is too complicated, another solution is to access your router (router) via web browser. Note that you will have to check the documentation to find out how, once connected, you can view the list of devices connected to your home network.

Find the hostname of the Windows computer (via the System window you opened earlier to enable Remote Assistance) to find the IP address of the device. IP addresses are usually of the form 192.168.0.x or 192.168.1.x.

Once found, be sure to save the IP address for later use.

BuuOhc 3: InstallEht phFirstn mm RDP on Raspberry Pi

On a Raspberry Pi computer connected to the local network, open a Terminal window and run the following commands to update Raspbian:

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

Enter each command one by one and follow the displayed messages. Once completed, your Raspbian system will be updated. The next step is to restart Pi by running the command:

sudo reboot
After the computer restarts, open a new Terminal session and run the following command to install xrdp:
sudo apt install xrdp
Follow the onscreen instructions to install the software.

BuuOhc 4: Find and install ddEht Yesng dmoundng Remote Desktop

Some remote desktop tools are available in Linux distributions. These tools can handle one or more different protocols, which can be used to control another computer remotely.

However the best tool for Raspberry Pi is Remmina, which supports RDP, VNC, SPICE, NX, XDMCP, SSH and EXEC.

To install Remminak, return to the Terminal window and enter the following command:

sudo apt install remmina

Follow the instructions and wait until the app installation is completed.

BuuOhc 5: Kdullt nOohi Windows computer vOhi Remmina

To access a remote Windows computer on the Raspberry Pi, first open the Remmina application via the Terminal command:

Alternatively you can open the application from the Internet menu.

how to connect raspberry pi from remote to computer windows 3

A new window will appear, where you will find the entry to enter the IP address of your Windows computer, making sure RDP is selected as the protocol.

how to connect raspberry pi from remote to computer windows 4

When ready, click Connect and wait until the connection is established. You can then access your Windows computer right on Raspbian (or whatever Raspberry Pi operating system you choose).

To tweak the connection (including adjusting the connection quality), you access the Edit window => Preferences.

how to connect raspberry pi from a remote computer with windows 5

The above article has shown you how to connect to a Raspberry Pi remotely using a Windows computer. You can now access your Windows 10 PC remotely anytime on your Raspberry Pi to check emails or get documents, etc. If you have any questions or questions, you can leave your comments in the comments section below.
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