How to control a remote computer with Anydesk instead of Teamviewer

You can control a remote computer with Anydesk instead of Teamviewer to help you install the software, work on the computer easily, and how to use Anydesk instead of TeamView software if you are tired of using TeamViewer Alright then.

Surely you all have used or know Teamviewer software, support software remote control the computer common today. However if you use Teamviewer with free version 30 days will often be limited connection time and required to wait a few minutes or several dozen minutes to reconnect.

How to control a remote computer with Anydesk

Do not stop “talking bad” about Teamviewer when this software is very prone to incompatibility errors between different versions and is required to download compatible versions to support the new device to use, so it will be very time consuming. space. Therefore, today, Taimienphi would like to introduce to you a new software called Anydesk, if you say no, it can be said that AnyDesk is a junior product of Team Viewer because it was developed from the employees used to create Team Viewer. Or follow the following article

Instructions on how to Remote computer with Anydesk instead of Teamviewer

Step 1: Download and install AnyDesk software: Download AnyDesk

remote computer with anydesk

Step 2: Run the downloaded AnyDesk file -> AnyDesk will start automatically and display as below:

control the computer with anydesk instead of teamviewer

After starting AnyDesk software, there will be 2 main parts:

This Desk: This section has Anydesk Address is the address or password for you to send to someone if you want to let them connect to your computer. With Anydesk, this address is only needed to connect, unlike Teamviewer, it is required ID and password can connect.

Remote Desk: This is the part used to connect to and control another computer, enter the AnyDesk address of the device to connect to and click Connect. However, to see and control the other device, you have to wait for that person to agree and press Accept as shown below.

remote remote the state anydesk instead of teamview

As shown in the picture above, you will see the button Accept and Dismiss (Reject) Anydesk also allows us to choose the right and allow the connection to be used, which is a very nice feature.

In addition, the software also Chat feature similar to Teamviewer.

remote remote the state anydesk instead of teamviewer

AnyDesk user interface is also quite simple, supports connecting multiple computers at the same time.

how to remote computer with anydesk

In addition, if you want to install AnyDesk on the computer, you just need to click on the words Install AnyDesk on this computer right at the main interface of the software. You can then set the settings yourself or keep the default and press Accept & Install for the installation.

guide anydesk remote control instead of teamviewer 7

So above is all Taimienphi guide you how to remote computer with Anydesk instead of Teamviewer. With the same effect as Teamviewer, which is free to use, this software will satisfy most users who abandon Teamviewer using Anydesk. In addition, Taimienphi also would like to introduce to you some software to support remote computer connectivity quite useful through the article summarizing the top 10 software remote control the computer referred and received positive feedback. Wish you choose the software you like.
Have you ever thought of controlling a computer with your phone remotely? If it used to be impossible before, now Control the computer by phone has become extremely simple, just install the software on both computers and phones, you can easily control other people’s computers on your own phone.


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