How to convert a PDF file to an image file quickly

How to convert a PDF file to an image file quickly

How to convert PDF documents on a computer to the image file format? Converting but keeping the original content within the original document, let’s take a look at all the methods that can convert from PDF to image files in different formats.

Documents downloaded on the Internet today are mainly in PDF format. However, in order to read these documents, your computer requires specialized software such as Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader, the feature of these software is taking up quite a lot of space on the hard drive.

The best way, you should convert them to image file formats because for image files, you only need to view with the default Windows software without having to download any additional software.

How to convert PDF to image format

* Method 1: Use the converter.

Among the software that converts PDF files into image formats, Free PDF to JPG is rated as one of the best with fast conversion speed and supports a variety of output image formats such as JPG. , BMP, PNG, TIFF. This utility allows you to convert one or the entire directory containing PDF files.


After installing Free PDF to JPG on the computer.

The interface of Free PDF to JPG has the following parameters:

Add File: Convert a PDF document.
Add Folder: Convert entire folder containing PDF files.
Output Folder: Select the folder containing the output image files
Output File Formating:: Select the image file format to convert
Output Dimensions: Select the image file size

After all parameters have been set, click Start for the transition to begin.

* Method 2: Convert online

There are many Web sites that allow you to convert a PDF file directly to image file formats and Zamzar is one such website. Visit the Zamzar homepage Here .

Step 1: Select the PDF document to convert by mouse click Choose Files
– Select the image file format to convert in the item Convert file to (photo, text, … formats)
Enter your Email address so that after the conversion process ends, the converted file will be automatically sent to this Email address.
Click Convert to start the conversion.

– In the bottom box displays the name of the PDF file, the size to convert to image files. You can delete selected PDF files by clicking Remove File.

– Only convert documents up to 100MB in size.
– Allow converting 5 PDF files continuously in a fixed time.

Step 2: After the conversion is complete. You check the registered Mail above and click on the link as shown below.

Step 3: Click on it Download Now Next to the file to download the image file to your computer. The first zip file contains all the image files after converting the PDF file to. The files below correspond to the pages in the PDF file from start to finish.
With the above two ways, you can easily convert PDF files to different image formats. If you do not want to install any additional software on your computer, use it way 2, and if you are looking for a conversion software for long-term use, you should choose way 1


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