How to convert Doc, Docx files to PDF in Word 2016

Converting Word to PDF in Word 2016 is a very popular operation for office workers because these are the two widely used text formats. The conversion is very simple and only takes a few taps. Taimienphi will guide you in detail how to convert Word to PDF in Word 2016

For users, converting between Word and PDF is a job not everyone knows and mastered, As soon as you want to convert word files to PDF on Word 2016, you will immediately think about using a tool. instrumental support. However, on Word 2016, you can convert words to pdf on office 2016 without using any tools.

To convert Word 2016 to pdf, perform the detailed steps as instructed:

Step 1: Open the text file you need to convert, click the tab File

convert doc to pdf on word 2016

Step 2: Choose Save As, then press Browse to choose where to save the PDF file.

convert docx file to pdf on word 2016

Step 3: Choose where to save the file, in the section Save as type you choose PDF

convert docx to pdf on word 2016

Step 4: There are several options for the PDF file you want to save.

how to convert word to pdf on word 2016

Standard: Selecting this allows the file to be saved in standard PDF format, suitable for editing and printing

Minimum Size: Selecting this allows to save the PDF file with the smallest capacity, suitable for sharing files online

In addition, you can also edit some advanced options for PDF files, however, you should keep these options by default if you have not used PDF intensive.

convert text to pdf on word 2016

Step 5: Complete the conversion of Word to PDF in Word 2016, go to the directory where you saved the PDF file and check the results.

convert word to pdf in word 2016
Above are some simple steps to convert Word to PDF on word 2016 in a simple way. You can make and share some more experience to convert Word to PDF the best. In addition, you can also use some software that supports converting PDF files to Word to apply to work and study for flexibility.


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