How to convert Excel files to PDF in Office 2016

How to convert Excel files to PDF in Office 2016

If you want to convert Excel files to PDF in Office 2016 for your convenience, but you do not know how to convert Excel to PDF? Refer to how to perform file format conversion to keep the format in the following article.

Surely you also know that PDF files are used quite widely and widely today because on computers or mobile devices, they support reading PDF files. Opening the PDF file after you convert Excel to PDF will retain the format when users open different devices, other people will not be able to edit the content in the file, can not modify the calculation formula on the spreadsheet. like editing operations on the original Excel file, helping to ensure copyright, ensure data security.

Convert Excel files to PDF on Office 2016

Instructions to convert Excel files to PDF in Office 2016

To convert Excel file to PDF format, you follow one of the following two ways:

Method 1: Save the Excel file as a PDF file in Office 2016

Step 1: Open the Excel file you want to convert to PDF, on the interface you click on the menu File.

How to convert excel file to pdf in office 2016 2

Step 2: Choose Save As -> then select a location / folder to store the file after you save. If saved on the computer, click This PC/Computer or choose Browse to open the window Save as.

How to convert excel file to pdf in office 2016 3

Step 3: In the interface Save As You proceed as follows:

– Choose file saving directory.
– Enter a name to name the file in the section File name.
– In section Save as type The format you choose is PDF (* .pdf)

How to convert excel files to pdf in office 2016 4

Step 4: You see some more custom appear -> you can do the following:

– Tick select the checkbox Open file after publishing (1) if you want to open the file in PDF format right after saving the file.
– Choose Standard (publishing online and printing) (2) if your document requires printing quality to be high.
– Choose Minimum size (publishing online) (3) if the file / file size is more important than the print quality.
– Choose Options (4) let you set some other customizations for the file if you want (for example, setting the password for a PDF file …)
– Click Save (5) to save the Excel file -> as a PDF file.

How to convert excel files to pdf in office 2016 5

Step 5: The process of converting Excel files to PDF is complete, you just need to open that PDF file to check and use it.

Method 2: Use the Export feature to export PDF files in 2016

This way the steps are the same as for you Convert Word files to PDF in Office 2016 here. Below we will briefly describe the steps taken for Excel 2016.

Step 1: You open the Excel file to convert into PDF format. At the main interface, click on the menu File top left of the interface.

Step 2: At the left menu of the interface -> click Export -> select Create PDF / XPS Document -> yes Create PDF / XPS.

Step 3: You will see the interface Publish as PDF or XPS appears -> you make a selection of the directory to save the PDF file after conversion. In case you want to set a password for PDF files -> click and enter Options… right below to set a password.

Step 4: Finally, you click Publish to convert Excel to PDF format is done.

Above are two ways Convert Excel files to PDF in Office 2016 quickly but still retain the same data format as when you open the spreadsheet in Excel. Basically, the two ways above can be applied to the application is Word, so converting word to pdf you completely manipulate and perform the same as instructed above.
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