How to convert File Pages to Word

By default, users cannot read File Pages in Word, so the first thing to do is convert it to the formats that Microsoft Word supports reading, namely .doc and .docx; Here are the steps to convert File Pages to Word invite you to follow along.

The exposure to text formats such as Word, PDF, Pages … is most often those of you working in the office, administrative work. Previously we also introduced readers to Free PDF to Word Converter software that supports converting PDF files to Word readers interested in downloading Free PDF to Word Converter for free on their devices.

So how to convert File Pages to Word affordable we also need a software that has the same function as Free PDF to Word Converter. The answer is no. The File Pages reader tool itself has this feature integrated.

How to convert File Pages to Word

Step 1: Open File Pages

First, readers need to open File Pages with the Pages file reader application on their iOS / Mac device.

convert pages to word

Step 2: Export File Pages

When you open the document in Pages, click on the File – File menu and choose Export To and then select Word. The purpose of this is to convert the Pages file into a format that Microsoft Word supports reading.

convert pages to doc

Step 3: Export File Pages to Word

Select the Word tab, then click Advanced Options – Advanced settings select the format Word needs to export File Pages to Word. Choose .doc if using Word 1997-2003; .docx for higher versions of Microsoft Word such as Microsoft Word 2007, Microsoft Word 2010, Microsoft Word 2013, Microsoft Word 2016. Click Next to continue.

pages to word

The next step in the process of converting File Pages to Word is to name the converted Word file there. In the Save As section, choose the name you want, select the location to save the file in the Where section, then click Export.

convert file pages to word

You can also convert File Pages to Word using iCloud, but this is only suitable for users who want to transfer a synchronized file. The above method is still the most popular.

In case readers need to convert PDF to Word documents without font errors, please refer to the guide to convert PDF to Word that we made in the article. Convert PDF to Word recent occasion.


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