how to convert fonts, convert fonts to standard Unicode fonts on the computer

How to transcode fonts is an effective solution for you when downloading word document files that have font errors, can not read. How to convert standard Unicode fonts on your computer as the article below.

When working on Word documents, the handling of fonts is corrupted and manipulated font transcoding Not easy for some users. To know how to convert Vietnamese full-text into standard Unicode in all Word files, follow the steps below.

Convert the font to a standard unicode font without any font errors

Unikey is not only a Vietnamese typing software that uses Unicode fonts like Time New Roman or Arial …, it is also known for its handy text transcoding functions. Content below, will guide how to convert font codes to Unicode using Unikey software

Font encoding, how to convert fonts into standard unicode fonts

Step 1: Download Unikey to your computer and install: Download Unikey

Step 2: After successful download, run the installation or run the Portable version as you like.

convert Vietnamese font to Vietnamese

Step 3: Open the Word File you want to convert and press the key combination Ctrl + A to select the whole text then press the key combination Ctrl + C to copy to Clipboad

convert font

Step 4: To convert Vietnamese full-text code into standard Unicode in all word files, right-click the toolbar Unikey and choose tools[ CS+F6] as shown below

convert font

Step 5: A bulletin board appears as below in the destination option you choose Unicode, the source option you choose TCVN3 As below, tick the item Clipboard transcoding then press Transcode

convert code font

Thus, the font code has been changed successfully


Now you just need Ctrl + V into the text is fine.

convert code font

Above, we have just shown you how to convert font codes, convert Vietnamese text into full-text into standard Unicode in all Word files. With this operation, you can correct errors or minimize the operation for the following documents.

Also you can use Unikey to Convert text to uppercase if you want to convert the whole text to uppercase
Besides, the Convert accented text to unsigned, … Unikey also supports conversion. If interested, you can refer


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