How to convert photos into text form text

Currently, converting images to text into text format is supported by many websites and software. You can use the website, the software to support the need to convert image text into text quickly, efficiently, and shorten your working time.

Normally, to get information that text appears as images, you will have to type it again. If the text is short, it doesn’t matter, but if the text is long, the problem becomes extremely difficult. There are a number of websites that now help you convert images into text, saving you time and energy in case you want to make use of that text. If you dislike use paid software VietOCR then you can refer to the article how Transfer images, get text from photos with Google Drive Or more simply follow the way below.

Instructions to convert photos into text

How to convert photos into text documents

Step 1: On the computer, find the image you want to convert to text. For example I have the picture below.

Van ban anh anh chu

Step 2: Next, you access Here

Step 3: At option Browse You find the image you want to convert to text. Next press the button Preview to preview. In case you want to convert the website into text, enter the address in the box File URL, otherwise, ignore.

image text to image

Step 4: Here you select the language Vietnamese then click the button OCR to convert images to text documents.

change picture to van ban

The result will be displayed in the box below.

text to image, text to image, image to text

So introduced to you how to convert photos into text in a simple and free text. Although the results may not be 100% accurate as our eyes read, after performing many tests, we found that the results could return 80 – 90% of the text, even higher if The language is English. Whereas if you want to convert from text to image, refer to the article Install DOC to Image Converter help turn text into images with us.
IPhone device users can now convert image files into text right on their phones through the Office Lens application, using Office Lens for iPhone, you can convert image files into text on iPhone By any image, guys.


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