How to convert Video with Free Video Converter

Video by Free Video Converter is a software to quickly convert video extensions. Besides the conversion functions that Free Video Converter has, Free Video Converter also allows you to edit the best video

Free Video Converter is a software to convert and convert all videos in any format whether it is popular or not, rated as the best free video conversion software like Freemake Video Converter. , both Free Video ConVerter and Freemake Video Converter have a simple interface and fast, easy to understand operation even for first time users.

Moreover, how to use Freemake Video Converter has also been used by, readers want to know how to refer. Convert videos with Freemake Video Converter To see the power of this software.

How to convert Video with Free Video Converter

Step 1: Open the program Free Video Converter on your computer (If you haven’t already, download it Free Video Converter ).
The program interface appears

Video Converter Free Video Converter

Step 2: Select the videos you want to convert by:
– On the program interface you press the button Add files -> Then search for the video you want to convert to the tail

Free Video Converter

-Choose Open to open the video you want to convert

Step 3: Select the time you want to convert the video to
– Start: Time to start
– End: End time
Or you can select the entire video you want to convert

Step 4: Optional parameters for the output video you want to convert
* Output Format: Select the video extension you want to export, Free Video Converter can have all the video extensions that you want to convert such as AVI, MP4, iPod, PSP, 3GP, 2GP ..

* Parameter setting for output video: (Frame next to Output Format)
Codec: The Video Code format you want to convert
Size: Output video size
Aspect: You can default or customize as you like
Fps: Video specifications
Bitrate: Number of Bits (kbps) for your output video

* Include Audio Track: You can leave audio for output video by checking the box Include Audio Track or not to audio for video by unchecking box Include Audio Track.

Step 5: Select a folder to save the output video
At the frame Output Path press the ““to search for the directory you want to save the video to convert.

Step 6: After you have selected the parameters of the output video. We will conduct video conversion:
You click Convert Video In the left corner of the screen, the conversion process is happening as shown:

The conversion time is fast or slow depending on the quality of your video. Wait for the program to finish and review your video in the folder you just saved. So the video conversion process is complete.
If you use Mac operating system, you can also convert videos with QuickTime on Mac OS X introduced by in tips. And in addition, there is Audials One 2016 copyright software giveaway code for free for 2 days, with powerful video and audio conversion features along with a series of interesting features that you may want to watch.


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