How to convert videos into animations, create GIFs from clips

Converting videos into images, GIFs is a relatively simple trick, but very few people know it. Follow the way to convert video into animated GIF below you will have funny GIF images. Use images that have been converted from videos into GIF animation to post to Facebook, Zalo share with your friends.

Those plates GIF animation is one of the most interesting types of computer images. The images extracted from the video will automatically run continuously, creating extremely interesting images. Surely each of us has ever seen the GIF images, encounter GIF images on websites or social networks, right? You wonder how to create GIF animation, not many people know how to create this GIF animation, to get a GIF image, you need to know how to convert Video into GIF animation on your computer.

How to convert a video into an animated GIF:

Step 1: You can convert Videos into GIF animation online quickly. First access HERE to go to website to convert videos into animated GIF images online.

You can choose to grab videos from Google Drive, Dropbox good URL link. But the fastest way is still Upload videos from your computer to this tool.

Step 2: When selected From the computer, you must navigate to the folder containing the videos on your computer. Press choose video and press Open.

how to convert gif video gif 2

Step 3: Immediately the video file will be uploaded to this conversion website. To convert Video into GIF animation you need to click on the text CHANGE. One thing to note when users want to convert Videos into GIF animation is that you should use videos that are short, so less than 10 seconds will get the appropriate GIF image.

How to convert gif videos gif 3

Step 4: After the conversion is successful, just press Download to get GIFs.

How to convert gif videos gif 4

Open the GIF image on your computer to review the video you just used the trick to convert Video into GIF animation.

How to convert gif videos gif 5

Very simple for users to convert Videos into GIF animation is not it. In addition to the online tool that has just guided, there are ways to create GIF animations with software. Specifically, there are top 5 best GIF animation software for computers. You can download the trial Top 5 Animation software GIF and compare with how to convert Videos into GIF animation to see which tips are faster, more effective.
And if you want to create animations from online services or on online websites, visit the best gif creation websites today to support faster gif creation, there are many web create gif images for you to choose.


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