How to convert Word to PDF, convert Doc, Docx to PDF file on your computer

There are many ways to convert Word to PDF because these are the two most popular formats in the world today. We can use the Doc, Docx or many other types of PDF to convert without any problems and with the following guide, will help you convert Word to PDF in many different ways.

Microsoft Word Word is one of the most popular text formats today, but Word is not the most appreciated format in terms of security and the highest is still the PDF format. So the best way before you want to upload a Word document to the Internet is to first convert it to PDF. There are also many software or utilities to help you convert words to pdf easily, one of them is DoPDF, with DoPDF works on Microsoft Office very convenient and simple to help you convert words to pdf quickly.

Convert Word to PDF

TipsTo convert PDF to WORD without font error, no wrong file structure, all pages will be read by the readers Convert PDF to WORD without font errors this

How to convert Word to PDF, convert Doc, Docx to PDF file on your computer

Convert Word to PDF with SmallPDF (update)
SmallPDF does not need much introduction because this is the best free Word to PDF converter tool available today. Using SmallPDF is the best solution you can apply 24/7 as long as the device has a network.
Step 1: To convert Word to PDF with SmallPDF we just need to visit the linked website HERE.
Step 2: Here you just need to click on the section Select File (Another way is to throw a Word file on this page).
Convert Word to pdf
Step 3: Here you choose the Word file to be converted, maybe it is a DOC file or DOCX file, SmallPDF tool supports all popular formats today.
Convert Word to pdf
You will then have to wait a while for the conversion of Word to PDF to proceed, the time depends on two factors: the weight of the file and the speed of the network.
Convert Word to pdf
Step 4: After showing the congratulations time of SmallPDF, the conversion of Word to PDF was successful. Now you just need to click on the download file.
Convert Word to pdf
Step 5: Then save this file to your computer and you’ll see it has been converted to PDF named converted. PDD.
Convert Word to pdf
Step 6: Open it to see if the conversion of Word to PDF has a font error or not.
Convert Word to pdf

Method 1: Use the Save As feature available in Word

All versions of Word come with the ability to convert Word files to PDF files. After the conversion is successful, the PDF file will retain the table of contents and the URL links as the original Word before converting.

Step 1: Open the Word file to convert to PDF, click the Office icon in the upper left corner to select Save As then click the option PDF or XPS as shown below.

Convert word files to pdf

Note: If you do not see this option, you can install additional extensions Microsoft Save as PDF here

Step 2: The Save As dialog box opens, where you name the PDF file and there are additional options for you

Standard (publishing online and printing): Choosing this means synonymous with optimizing printing and publishing on the Internet.

Minimum size (publishing online and printing): If you select this section will optimize capacity and release on the Internet.

Open file after publishing: After completing the conversion process will automatically open the converted PDF file.

Convert word files to pdf

Also, in the entry Options There are some advanced options you can research to understand this section carefully.

Convert word files to pdf

Method 2: Use the Print feature

Step 1: Open the Word file you want to convert to PDF, click on it File >Print or press the key combination Ctrl + P to open the Print window

Step 2: At the Print window interface, click on the item Printer similar to selecting a printer and selecting Microsoft Print to PDF.

Convert word files to pdf

Step 3: After selecting Microsoft Print to PDF, click Print to export the PDF file. Window Save Print Output As pop up for you to name and choose where to save the file. After naming and choosing where to save the file you press Save to complete the conversion of Word files to PDF.

Convert word files to pdf

In addition, if your computer has Foxit Reader installed, by default when you order the print job, there will also be an option to convert Word to PDF. Foxit Reader PDF Printer

Convert word files to pdf

If not, readers can download and install the software Foxit Reader here. This is necessary because you will always need a software to read PDF files on your computer.
Method 3: Use online conversion tools.

On the Internet today there are many Web sites that allow you to convert Word documents to PDF format, you can come in to convert

In this Website, there are 2 main functions for you:

PDF to Word: Convert PDF documents to Word files.
Word to PDF: Convert Word documents to PDF.

To convert a Word document to a PDF file select the Word to PDF function. Click Upload a File to Convert to select the Word file on the computer to be converted.

The Word file has a maximum capacity of 5MB

Keep ticking Make my document public If you want to preview the document after conversion, or if you do not want, then check the box Do not make my document public.

Click tiếp tục to continue.

Conversion time depends mainly on the size of the converted file. The conversion process is finished, click Download PDF file to download the converted PDF file.

Method 3: Use conversion software.

Using software to create PDFs from Word documents is the best way to secure content instead of uploading an online service, there are many software to help you create PDFs such as doPDF, Advanced Word to Pdf Converter Free. ..

In the software that has the function of converting Word files to PDF, Advanced Word to PDF Converter is a software that you cannot help mentioning because it has the best conversion capability, supporting the conversion of Word format files. DOC, DOCX, DOCM, TXT, RTF to PDF with fast speed. To effectively convert this software, please refer to the article Convert Word to PDF with Advanced Word to Pdf Converter to know how.

Not only can you convert Word to PDF, you can completely reverse it, that is, convert PDF to Word to easily copy and edit content on PDF files, as we know PDF is a very difficult format to copy. , edit as Word, choose the ways to convert PDF to Word that has shared to have the most accurate way.


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