How to copy and paste an Excel chart to another application

In addition to inserting content from different types of documents together, you can also copy charts from Excel to other documents, such as copying Excel charts to Word. This is one of the useful features of Excel, when you can copy the Excel chart and paste it into other content, or even save the Excel chart as an image. The following article will guide you to copy a chart in Excel.

Instructions for pasting Excel charts into Office

Step 1:

First we press Right click on the chart and select Copy in the display list as shown below.

Step 2:

Open the Office document that you want to paste the Excel chart into, such as Word. Then tap Paste option in the top left corner of the Excel interface as shown below. Immediately the chart was pasted into Word

Paste Excel chart

In case you want there are more options to paste Excel charts, click the arrow at the Paste option and then select Paste Special.

Paste Special Excel chart

We will then see a display interface with many options for you to paste the Excel chart into Word. You can choose to paste the chart as a PNG image as shown below.

Excel chart paste option

In addition, users can also press Right click on the position where you need to paste the chart already right click, below for the Paste Options. Each icon corresponds to a different chart paste option.

  • Use Destination Theme & Embed Workbook: Paste the chart in and use the format in Word in use, without a link to automatically change the original data.
  • Keep Source Formatting & Embed Workbook: Paste the Excel chart and keep the formatting, do not automatically update the chart again.
  • Use Destination Theme & Link Data: Paste the chart and use the format in Word, with a link to automatically update the chart when changed in Excel
  • Keep Source Formatting & Link Data: Leave the Excel chart format intact and have a link to automatically update the chart.
  • Picture: Paste the chart as an image, without the update link, and display it as an image.

Paste Options Excel

Step 3:

To copy and paste the chart into another application, such as Microsoft Teams forces you to save the chart as an image then paste the chart as an image into the necessary applications

Also at the chart press Right click and choose Copy to copy, then open Paint on your computer and paste the chart again, or you can use other image editing software on the computer you are using.

Save an Excel chart as an image

Video tutorial for copying & pasting Excel charts


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