How to copy PDF content, copy PDF content to Word

If you are still struggling to know how to copy the content and data in a PDF file and convert it to Word to facilitate editing and editing documents when necessary, please apply the guidelines of this article.

PDF file content is a common and easy to share format, but there are many cases where users want to copy the content of the PDF file to Word to make it easier to read, read and edit PDF files. is one of the questions that many users are concerned about today.

– How to copy PDF content only applies to text files, if the PDF file is a scanned file and an image, it will be difficult to copy the PDF file content. Although users can use character recognition software in images, the conversion rate and word detection is not high.
– If you cannot copy PDF content because the PDF is locked, you can use an online PDF unlocking tool called PDFUnlock. here.

How to copy PDF content, copy PDF content to Word

Method 1: Convert PDF to Word to copy content

To copy the content of a PDF file or copy the content of a PDF file, a convenient way is to convert the PDF to Word to copy the content. Currently there are many ways to convert PDF to Word, including using pdf to word online software.

Of course every way of converting pdf to Word has different advantages and disadvantages, so readers need to choose for themselves the best way to convert pdf to Word.

PDF to Word online pages such as SmallPDF, PDFtoWord, PDFOnline, PDF2doc, …. The advantage of those PDF to Word online pages is the convenience because users can transfer PDF anywhere, anytime as long as they have Internet connection.

Copy the pdf content

Meanwhile, the advantage of software to convert PDF to Word with software such as Solid Convert PDF, Free PDF to Word Converter, … that is the versatility and the ability to convert PDF to Word when there is no Internet connection.

copy data pdf

Method 2: Use specialized PDF reading software such as Foxit Reader, Adobe Reader

Many software like Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader support users to select text and copy PDF content.

To copy PDF content with software like Foxit Reader or Adobe Reader, you just need to click the Select Text button or press Alt + 6 to select the content you want to copy on your computer.

Copy the pdf file

After highlighting the selection to copy the pdf content, simply press the key combination Ctrl + C to copy and press Ctrl + V to paste the copied content into Word.

Copy the PDF data file

Copying PDF content has long been the question of many readers who have questions with and hope through this article, we have partly helped readers to solve the problem of copying data. document in PDF like.

Of course copying PDF content or copying PDF data to Word is only possible Apply to PDF file containing text instead of image format, readers need to pay close attention to this because they may mistake the instructions above as the wrong way.

In addition, also recommends that readers should convert PDF to Word to be most convenient in copying PDF content and editing PDF. Of course, if you don’t include Word, editing PDF will be really difficult without a powerful PDF reader like Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader.

After converting PDF to Word, users can easily organize and print documents as a common text format with higher quality than PDF. But besides that, you can print PDF documents for comparison between the two versions and have a more reasonable choice in subsequent copies of PDF content.
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