How to cover your face in photos on iPhone

How to cover your face in photos on iPhone

Sometimes we need to cover the face in an iPhone photo to hide a person’s portrait or simply erase the face of a stranger who accidentally accidentally enters the lens, with the following Skitch masking app Here you will easily do this quickly and effectively.

Almost Photo editing application On the phone today, there is a feature to cover your face or blur the image. As for iPhone users, too, you have a lot of tools that you can choose to cover someone’s face or unwanted public information in photos.

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In this article, Taimienphi will synthesize and introduce Skitch – a tool to blur information, hide faces in photos on iPhone, which is convenient and used by many people today.

1. Cover your face with Skitch
2. Integrated Skitch

Instructions for covering faces in photos on iPhone with Skitch

For many, Skitch is the preferred tool for blurring and deleting unwanted information in photos on a compact and convenient iPhone. Moreover after installation, you can integrate this application into the iPhone image viewer so that it is more convenient to use.

To use Skitch, you can download the free installation of the device in the following link:
– Download Skitch for iPhone
After installation is complete, open Skitch on iPhone and follow the instructions.

1. How to cover face in photo on iPhone with Skitch
Step 1: In the main interface of the application, click the card Image located at the bottom of the screen. Next you select Album No photos need to be edited in the displayed list.
In this example, Taimienphi chooses All photos.

how to hide your face on iphone 2

Step 2: Select the image to edit. In the edit window, click the button Tools located in the lower left corner of the screen and select Create a pixel.

how to hide your face on iphone 3

Step 3: Drag or pressing in the desired position on the image to make the blur effect.
After you’ve finished blurring, click the button Share in the upper right corner of the screen. In the Share window, you can send your edited photos immediately to other people with tools that Skitch supports such as Evernote, Email, Twiter, Facebook, Message, … Or click the button. Save to remember the newly opened image in the photo library on the device.

how to hide your face on iphone 4

2. Integrating the Skitch tool into the photo library on iPhone
As shared from the beginning, users can integrate Skitch into the device’s photo library. Therefore, you can use the photo editing features without having to open the application.
Step 1: Open Photo library of the device and select any image. In the image viewer, click the button Repair.

how to hide your face on iphone 6

Step 2: Press the button More options There is a 3-dot icon at the bottom of the screen. In the newly opened dialog, select More.

how to hide your face on iphone 7

Step 3: Drag the slider to the right in the Skitch section and press Accomplished to integrate. From now on, the Skitch icon will appear in the toolbar More options as shown below.

how to hide your face on iphone 8

So with just a few simple steps, you can easily cover the face of the person in the photo, and this is a photo before and after covering the iPhone.

how to hide your face on iphone 5
Recently, Taimienphi has introduced to you how to cover faces in photos on iPhone with Skitch and also how to integrate this tool into the device’s default library for more convenient use. Hopefully, with the shared tool tip in the article content, from now on, masking or blurring information on your photos will be easier and more convenient.


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