How to create a backdrop for the year-end party, class meeting, happy longevity

Tricks to create year-end party backdrop shared in the article will be the quickest and simplest way to help you easily create new year-end party, classrooms, and happy life-long backdrop designs when there is not much time needed design, or even if you don’t have the skills to use professional graphics.

The end of the year is also the time when many companies, businesses, groups of friends or family organize Year-end, class meeting, happy life, … To decorate the stage more beautifully and professionally, it is impossible to set a suitable backdrop – backdrop.

Create backdrop for New Year party, class meeting, happy life

Right now, Taimienphi will show you how Create New Year party backdrop, class meeting, happy life, … quickly beautiful form available.

Instructions to create a New Year party backdrop, class meeting, happy longevity

Step 1: Visit the page providing sample backdrop New Year party at the link address Here.
Step 2: In the edit context of the backdrop content, there are 2 boxes of information:
Company name : Enter the name of the company or group. For example: Taimienphi Company
Hold time : Enter the time and place of organization. For example: Hanoi, January 15, 2020.
After entering the content, you press the button Create a photo .

TipsEnter short text to make the alignment system more beautiful.

how to create a backdrop of a beautiful backdrop 1

Step 3: Finished creating the New Year party backdrop template, the system will continue to give you 3 options.
Save : Download New Year’s backdrop photos to your device.
Share : Send New Year backdrop templates to your friends via social networks.
Regenerate : Redo the new year backdrop pattern.

how to create a backdrop of a beautiful backdrop 2

After selection Save Pattern backdrop on your computer, you open the image on the computer, the results will be as shown below.

how to create a backdrop of a beautiful backdrop 3
With the procedure to create year-end backdrop, class meetings, celebrate life, … that Taimienphi has just shared, you do not need any tools but still can create a satisfactory backdrop to help the party fun, more complete. Good luck. In addition, you refer how to create a notice banner for Tet holiday in 2020 here.


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