How to create a bar chart in Excel 2019

How to create a bar chart in Excel 2019

With many chart types to choose from, users can easily select an appropriate chart type to represent different types of data in Excel 2019, the following tutorial we will draw a bar chart in Excel 2019 lets readers know how to draw, customize, represent data … right into your spreadsheet.

Users of bar graphs in Excel are quite popular today. This is a chart format to display many different data in the form of columns that are easy to follow and identify. The displayed column will be a text image, the longer the bar, the greater the value. There are 2 types of bar chart, vertical bar chart and horizontal bar chart for you to choose and use to best suit the figures you want to represent.

Create and draw a bar chart in Excel 2019

How to create a bar chart in Excel 2019?

In the following tutorial, we will make a bar chart using Excel 2019. You can do the same if you are using Excel 2016, 2013 or Excel 2010.

Step 1: Open the Excel file whose data needs to be drawn on the bar chart. If you do not have a data, you can create a table of data first so that you can quickly create a bar chart in Excel.

Next, select (black out) the data table to draw and then enter Insert -> select Charts As described in the image, here you will make the selection of the chart.

Excel cot image 2

Step 2: Of course, you will choose the bar graph. Here, you continue to choose many types of columns to draw bar graphs in Excel spreadsheets. You can choose to be 2D column, 3D column … and we will choose as 2D column for popularity.

Excel cot image 3

The result after you select a bar chart is that 2D column will appear as in the image below.

Excel cot image 4

Step 3: Creating the chart is complete, next will be editing the column chart, resizing the column chart, adding a title to the column chart if needed, hiding or showing some elements in the column chart. , change the bar chart as well as the color for the bar chart, or format the font size, font style in column charts …

Assuming you want to change the bar chart type, right-click on the chart -> then select Change Chart Type.

Excel cot image 5 5

You then select a different style depending on your display needs. Finally press OK, got it

How to visualize shapes in Excel 2019 6

In addition, you can go to the Design section to change the style of the chart into a more beautiful form.

Excel cot image 7 7

Or you can quickly enter Quick Layout to change the display type of fields in Excel.

Excel cot image 8 8

Or you go to the section Change Colors to make color changes by blocks for easier distinguish when graphing Excel columns.

Excel cipher chart 9

As for the font size, font color, the type of font you will enter Home -> then edit the font, font style, font color … accordingly in the Font section.

How to visualize shapes in Excel 2019 10

By Create a bar chart in Excel 2019 Above are many other features that are waiting for you to learn and explore. But basically to get a bar chart in Excel, the 3 steps above are enough for you to complete the bar chart in Excel spreadsheet already.
In addition to drawing a 2D or 3D column chart, you can draw many other chart types from the column chart type as well draw a stacked column chart with Excel, pie charts, line charts, and domain charts … you are free to choose to represent different types of data right into your Excel spreadsheet.


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