How to create a beautiful and meaningful Father’s Day greeting card

Instead of getting a card online, you want to create your own Father’s Day greeting card to create your own mark, express your sincere affection with all your heart to your father. In addition to creating online, please refer to how to create Father’s Day greeting cards with paint below, even if you do not have an internet connection, you can still create a card easily.

Father’s Day is also an important event of the year, a day of gratitude and honor to fathers and fathers. Therefore, this is a good opportunity for children to have the opportunity to express their gratitude to their father, helping the family to bond more closely. Therefore, on this day, children often send Father’s Day wishes, a gift with a card, and write Father’s Day to express gratitude for their upbringing. If you want the gift to be more meaningful, make your own card according to the instructions How to create a Father’s Day greeting card this.

Hand-made cards for dad, the most meaningful gift

* Things to prepare when creating greeting cards:
– Find and save beautiful, meaningful photos of father, Father’s Day to make cards on your computer.
– Computer.

1. Quick guide to creating Father’s Day cards

Step 1: Open the Paint tool on the computer
Step 2: Open the downloaded image in Paint
Step 3: Choose font
Step 4: Insert Father’s Day wishes
Step 5: Save Image

2. Detailed instructions for creating Father’s greeting cards

Step 1: On the computer, you Click Start in the lower left corner then click “Paint“. If you don’t see this application displayed, type Paint in the search box.

I wish you all the best

Step 2: Paint opens. In the upper left corneryou click the icon book then click “Open“.

Wishing you all the best

Step 3: You enter image storage folder which you want to make a card, select image then click “Open“.

beautiful design wish you a good day

Step 4: Aboveyou click on letter A as shown below.

Happy Father's Day

Step 5: Friend click on the picture already type greetings there.

Reference: Father’s Day Wishes

I wish you all the best

Step 6: At this point, you need to align the size, font and stretch the greeting accordingly.
– Font, font size: You press Ctrl + A to blacken the greeting. Next, click on font box and font size to choose the right one.
– Align wishes: You see the frame next to the greeting. You can hover next small square dot at the midpoint or beginning of each paragraph and then move to align the greeting.

I wish you all the best for your father

Next, you want color edition for your best wishes choose a color in the palette above as shown.

Happy birthday to you

Please refer to this Father’s Day Stt article to get good shares on Facebook or send to your beloved Fathers.

See more: Father’s Day Stt

Step 7: When you have finished editing, you save the card there again by clicking book icon then click “Save as“.

Happy new year 11

Friend select folder to save the card, then to name for card. Finally click “Save” as shown below to finish saving the image.

I wish you all the best

Now go to the folder where you just saved the card, you will see the card you just made. The result of the card that will just guide you will be like this:

I wish you good luck 19 11
Definitely with How to create a Father’s Day greeting card Above, you have created yourself a beautiful and satisfactory card to give to your father, father. Just like that, your father will feel happy and happy all day. If you have the conditions and time, you can think about giving a material gift that suits your father’s interests and needs, write Father’s Day text and share your status online. It helps you show that you care about your dad.

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