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How to create a blog on Word 2013 fast and simple


Create a blog on Word 2013 have you ever heard of? Within the limit of this article, will share to you how to create a blog on Word 2013 quickly and simply.

Microsoft Word was able to update Blog content from the 2007 Office platform. Word can easily connect to your WordPress (or some other provider such as Blogger, SharePoint blog …) and will provide for you everything you need like your blog post format, Insert music into Blog, How to create flowing text in Blog, …

Instructions on how to create a blog on Word 2013

Step 1: To create a blog post in Word 2013 input File -> new and choose Blog post template.

Step 2: To register a blog account we click Register Now

Step 3: Next you will have the option to register / create an account. In this case, Taimienphi chose WordPress. Then click next

Step 4: Import URL into your blog engine and add /xmlrpc.php at the end of the path (which is the terminal that Word will use to publish your blog post).

You also need to provide your username and password (which you use to log in to wp-admin) then click OK, got it

Step 5: Appearance of bulletin board Microsoft Word I click Yes

Step 6: A notice board created a Blog on Word 2013 successfully

Step 7: Next, write the content you want to export to Blogs

Step 8: When finished writing, click Publish and choose Publish to publish Blogs

And this is the result
Above we have shown you how to create a blog on Word 2013. With this tip, creating and writing Blogs will be simpler and easier than ever, you can quickly create and publish articles right away. on Word 2013. Besides, you can also Replace Change the Bing search engine in Word 2013 by other search engines like google



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