How to create a border in word 2007

How to create a border in word 2007

Creating borders in Word is a way for text to become more prominent and vivid. In this article, we will show you how to create borders in Word 2007 through very simple steps.

There are many ways to make documents stand out in the eyes of readers. You can use colors for text, colors for the background, or simply create borders for Word documents. In this article we will perform directly on the Word 2007 version.

How to create a border in word 2007

* Download Word 2007

Step 1: To create a border in Word 2007, first switch to the tab Page Layout, then select Page Borders.

Step 2: At this time the frame Borders and Shading will display. You should note a few options as follows.

  • Setting: Border type, e.g. shaded, 3D, etc.
  • Style: Stroke, color, and zoom
  • Apply to: Here you will set the form to apply to the text
  • Paragraph: For text
  • Text: For each line of text

You can preview it at the box Preview, before pressing OK, got it to complete.

Created in 2007

Step 3: Final results.

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So has just introduced you to create borders in word 2007. Actually, the way of creating borders of Word 2007 is similar to Word 2003, except that the options have been minimized, and the form of illustration also became easier to understand. Please refer to How to create borders of Word 2003 For more details.

With Word 2013 is a more advanced version, whether creating borders is difficult or easier, you follow the tutorial article. Create borders in Word 2013 here.


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