How to create a "Buy Now" button on Facebook to increase customers

How to create a “Buy Now” button on Facebook to increase customers

In order to improve the sales functions on Fanpage, Facebook has recently updated the Call to action toolkit, in which the “Buy Now” button in this toolkit is evaluated as useful. help sellers increase orders and attract more visits to websites, services, business and trading, how do you know how to create a “Buy Now” button on Facebook to increase customers?

Online selling has become a new and prevailing business trend today. Facebook Fanpage is a “fertile” market and full of potential for sellers to reach a large number of customers everywhere not only in the country but also in the world. By creating a “Buy now“On Fanpage, buyers will have easy access to the items that sellers are trading not only on Fanpage but also on websites, stores on e-commerce applications.

Instructions to create a “Buy Now” button on Facebook to increase daily orders

How to create a “Buy Now” button on Facebook to increase customers

1. What is the Call to action toolkit?

In addition to the Buy Now button in this toolkit that has just introduced above, surely you are also interested in what are the remaining buttons in this toolkit is not it. Buttons in the toolkit Call to action (Call to action) on Facebook Fanpage, including:

+ Book now: This button will guide customers to book a table, make a reservation at a restaurant, service in the field, type of business you are doing on Fanapge

+ Contact you: Customers can contact, send questions, complaints … to services and products that you are trading through buttons such as: Contact us, send messages, call immediately, register and send email.

+ Learn more about your business: Customers can choose to watch videos or find out more here to find information about your business or store.

+ Shopping with you: This will include a Buy Now button just introduced above and the See View button helps customers quickly update the promotions your store is launching.

+ Download the app: If your company, business, or store has its own app, this is a button that gives users access to that app on their smartphone.

2. How to create a Buy Now button on Facebook Fanpage

Step 1: You need to update the latest version of the Facebook app by following the link below:

– Download: Facebook for Android
– Download: Facebook for iPhone

Step 2: Access to the Fanpage page under management to create a Buy Now button. At the main interface of the page, you choose to Add button. If no fanpage, refer to How to create a Fanpage here.

I buy it immediately on the fanpage

Step 3: There are many buttons in the Call to action toolkit that will display. You find and select on the line Buy now

I buy it immediately on facebook

The Facebook application window will ask you Enter the path Go to the website, application or link to the item you are trading on Fanpage. You proceed to enter the address -> Select Create

I created the call to action button on the fanpage

Step 4: After creating the button, the screen will display: Created a Buy Now button

I created a call to action button on facebook

Now when customers click this button on your Fanpage will be redirected immediately to the address that you have previously set.

I buy it immediately on Facebook on my phone

With just a few simple setup steps, you can create a Buy Now button on Facebook. This little tip will help you to increase the number of visitors and increase the number of orders, refer to the tip right away Direct sales on Facebook will also help you increase the number of orders.
Wish you perform the above steps successfully.


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