How to create a disk to repair Windows 10 system errors

Windows 10 still uses a feature from Windows 7 called System Repair Dics, which allows you to create a Windows 10 system repair disc. Backing up data helps you recover anytime in in case, for some reason, you cannot access the Windows 10 screen

Due to the Ghost tools as well as the installation Windows 10 Quite simple and fast recommended disk tool fix Windows 10 System Repair Dics system errors is no longer as popular as it used to be. But even so, in some cases you do not have the equipment necessary to conduct a Windows 10 ghost or reinstall, then the time to repair the Windows 10 system error disk is an undeniable advantage. revoke.

In previous tricks, has introduced to you a method to help restore Windows 10 system by backing up File History data. If you have not read it, you can refer here Back up data with Windows 10 File History. But backing up File History is quite detailed and space-consuming. This is not good for devices use SSD hard drive when you have to back up constantly. That’s why the way to fix Windows 10 system errors is appropriate in this case, in addition it helps you update more on Windows 10 knowledge, another way to repair Windows 10 for you.

Guide disk to fix Windows 10 system errors, restore Windows 10 systems

Step 1: To fix the Windows 10 system error disc, restore the Windows 10 system the first thing you need to access Control Panel by opening Start menu from the desktop then type “control panel “and access to search results.

guide to fix the problem in Windows 10 2

Step 2: In the Control Panel interface if you are still in Category then you should Switch it to Small icons mode to see more.

guide to fix the problem of windows 10 3

Step 3: In the Small icons mode you will see there is a section named Backup and Restore (windows 7) , click on it to open.

guide to fix the problem of windows 10 4

Step 4: In Backup and Restore (windows 7), look sideways and choose Select Create a system repair disc In the case of computers, your laptop supports the drive. If not, you can select the above line Create a system image with the same way.

guide to fix the problem of windows 10 5

Step 5: In this step we select the drive already Create disc let the system conduct a repair disc of Windows 10 system error.

guide to fix the problem of windows 10 6

Step 6: It will take a while to finish backing up data on CDs, DVDs in order to fix Windows 10 system errors in the future.

guide to fix the problem with windows 10 7

So, after the above process is completed, we have finished the trick to fix Windows 10 system errors, so you have successfully backed up Windows 10 data on a DVD or CD. Also you should be regular Computer data backup just in case there’s a problem with your computer in case of a serious error. recently introduced to you a very good system backup and restore software called Macrium Refect with many advanced options, saving ability is much better than the default software. If interested please refer to the article how Create a Windows 10 system backup with Macrium Reflect of offline.


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