How to create a Facebook fanpage, set up a fanpage on Facebook

You are looking to create a Facebook Fanpage to sell online on Facebook, build a brand for yourself or your company, so let refer to the article under the Fanpage on Facebook details below.

Create a Facebook fanpage is the best way to build a brand as well as a personal product to attract users. Instead of building a personal Facebook with fewer features, creating a Facebook fanpage will be supported by Facebook with a lot of features, especially allowing multiple managers.

How to create a Facebook fanpage, set up a fanpage on Facebook

Creating a Facebook fanpage is also a necessary trend of many companies, not just young people who are passionate about using Facebook as today and you know how to create your own Facebook fanpage or your company. . Creating a Facebook fanpage has many advantages and compared to creating a group on Facebook, it is not inferior in terms of features and benefits, of course, if you are a professional marketing, you will have to create both Fanpage and create a group on Facebook to be effective. highest fruit.

1. Create a Facebook fanpage on your computer
2. Set up Facebook fanpage by phone

Create a Facebook fanpage, set up a fanpage on Facebook

1. Create a Facebook fanpage, set up a Facebook fanpage by computer

Step 1: To create a Facebook fanpage you just need to go to your Facebook cClick on the arrow icons then select Create page.

create your facebook fanpage

Step 2: There will be 2 options for you to create Business or brand or create Community or people of the public instead of 6 options as before. Here if we choose a business or brand, click on the left

create professional facebook fanpage

Step 3: Here the system will ask to select the company’s field, address and phone number.

Create a fanpage of Quang Quang Ba Thuong Hieu

If we choose the right item, just the Facebook fanpage and then the category, you can type any name and the system will automatically suggest for you, if not, you can let raw like that.

Create facebook fanpage on your phone

Step 4: Next Facebook will require you to upload your avatar when creating a Facebook fanpage, Click to select photos.

Create facebook page

Select any photo you want as your avatar, the avatar can later be changed.

I create the facebook page

Step 5: Immediately after downloading the avatar image is a cover image for Facebook, similarly you click Upload a cover photo.

facebook fanpage lap

Then choose any cover photo from your computer.

facebook fanpage lap hang hang

And after the 2 steps on creating a Facebook page is complete, the remaining editing or setup job is entirely up to you.

I create a fanpage of Facebook about product introduction

To develop Facebook fanpage after creating a Facebook page, you should invite friends to support.

Connect on Facebook fanpage

Starting now you can quickly access Facebook via the top menu, right below your personal name will be the Facebook page you just created the Facebook fanpage according to the instructions above.

Create facebook fanpage

Set up Facebook fanpage with the old interface

Step 1: To create a Facebook Fanpage, you first need to have a Facebook account. If you do not have Sign up for Facebook by Email or phone number are okay.

After creating the facebook account, you proceed to login Facebook to start creating Fanpage. First, from the Facebook homepage, click the down arrow, then select Create page.

I create the facebook page

Step 2: At this time, the fanpage creation interface will display. There are 6 main categories here, including Local Businesses, Organizing Companies, Product Brands, Artists, Entertainment, or Community Ideas.

facebook fanpage lap hang hang

How to create business fanpage on facebook

Step 3: Choose a category and a specific name for your fanpage in this step.

register facebook page

Guide to create Facebook Fanpage from A to Z for sales

Step 4: ĐEnter fanpage information and select Save the information to continue. Remember that the fanpage is only renamed when it is less than 200 likes. Therefore you should keep in mind during the name selection process.

create facebook fanpage, facebook fanpage, facebook page

Instructions on how to create an online Facebook Fanpage

In the next step you will be choosing an image to represent the fanpage. You should choose a square image or size 180×180 px is the best.

I create an online fanpage for facebook

How to set up a page on facebook

You click to add favorites.

create your fanpage on facebook

How to create fanpage on facebook by phone

In the final step Facebook will invite you to participate in advertising. You click ignore to complete.

Create fanpage facebook phone number

How to create many fanpage like

The final result.

I am on facebook fanpage

How to create sales fanpage on facebook

2. Create Facebook Fanpage, set up Fanpage on Facebook by phone

After you are familiar with the operation of creating a Facebook Fanpage on your computer, the operation by phone will be very easy to get used to. However for more detailed instructions, you can visit the article link Here.

So just introduced to you how to create Facebook Fanpage. Indeed, creating a Facebook fanpage is very simple, therefore, it also leads to the consequences of many junk fanpage. To manage Fanpage more effectively, you should limit the age of members joining Facebook Fanpage

In order for videos to reach more users on Facebook, Fanpage will definitely be a place for you to start sharing your videos, for users to download Facebook videos and a lot of other hot and interesting news.

Besides, because of not paying attention, many people also did not choose the right fanpage name, resulting in the name being unable to change after exceeding 200 likes. In addition, we also guide changing the URL link for Facebook Fanpage so people can know your fanpage more.
Facebook is currently the largest social network on the Internet. The number of users has surpassed 1 billion. There is a lot of news, videos shared on here. And Facebook seems to be a second home for the vast majority of users.


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