How to create a greeting card for June 1, Children’s Day

There are countless ways to create 1/6 greeting cards from online to designing through software. However, will guide you how to create a simple June 1 card with paint to help anyone follow, quickly get a satisfactory card for your baby on Children’s Day.

With Children’s Day coming up, you want to create a greeting card for June 1 to give your baby a meaningful gift that you made yourself. So what are you waiting for without starting to follow the instructions of below with paint. The cool thing about using paint is that with or without a network, you can still create beautiful cards. Still create a greeting card for 1/6 Online requires a connection to the Internet.

Greeting card for International Children’s Day 1/6

How to create a greeting card for June 1

Prepare: Find and download the most beautiful Children’s Day cards and photos to your computer.

How to make a card

Step 1: At the computer’s screen, click Start then choose Paint (If you can’t find Paint as shown, click on the search box in the lower left corner and enter the word Paint. At that time, Paint will appear).

How do I wish you a good day 1 6

Step 2: Paint opens. LIVE upper left corneryou click on menu icon then click “Open“.

I wish you a good day 1 6

Step 3: You enter photo storage folder that you download to make cards. Next, select a photo as a card and then click “Open“.

I hope to have a good day soon 1 6

Step 4: The photo as the card is displayed. You click on letter A already click on the photo and write greetings 1-6 into it.

how i wish you a happy new year

You can refer to more Best Wishes for June 1 in the following article to have the best and meaningful wishes for your baby to help him have a Children’s Day filled with joy and happiness.

See more: Best wishes for 1/6

Step 5: When you finish writing your greetings, you press Ctrl + A to blacken. Next, you Adjust font and font size to match by clicking on the box to select the font and font size as shown.

How do I wish you a happy birthday 1 6 online?

Step 6: Friend move the mouse to the top or midpoint of the dashed frame edges next to the greeting. When CThe mouse changes to a two-headed arrow then you Move the mouse to adjust the position of the greeting. Friend Do the same for the other edges leave the wishes in a beautiful and appropriate position as desired.

How do I get married 1 6 online

Step 7: When you have finished adjusting the position of the greeting, please choose a color for the greeting with the palette above.

how i wish you happy new year

Step 8: The card has been created, click menu icon then click “Save as“.

How do I wish you a happy birthday?

Step 9: Friend select folder storage, to name for the card and then click “Save” to save as shown below.

  Good luck 1 6

Go to the folder where you just stored the card, open it and send it. For example, for the International Children’s Day greeting card that, the results are displayed as follows.

Happy New Year's Eve soon
With the simple way to create a greeting card for 1/6, Children’s Day with paint above, you can create many beautiful greeting card templates to celebrate International Children’s Day with meaningful wishes for your baby. Surely, your baby will be delighted to receive this meaningful gift.

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