How to create a group chat on Facebook, set up a chat group on Facebook

Instead of chatting individually, creating a Facebook group chat is a simple and effective way for you to spread information, exchange jobs or simply chat with many people at a time, if you have not How to create a Facebook chat group, this article will help you answer that.

You are familiar with how to create group chats on chat software such as Skype or Viber, … However, to create a group chat on Facebook, not everyone is familiar and similar to Skype or Yahoo Messenger, follow Follow the steps below to learn how to create group chats on Facebook.

Instructions for creating Facebook group chat
1. On the computer
2. On the phone

How to create a Facebook group conversation

1. Create a Facebook group chat on your computer
Step 1: Log in to your Facebook. In the list of friends, click the person you want to chat with

I will talk to you on Facebook

Step 2: At the chat interface, click on the icon pinion and choose Add Friends to chat …

I turned on Facebook

Step 3: In the window that appears, add friends to the group chat. Then press Done to complete.

message on facebook

In addition, you can also click on the icon as shown below to add friends to the group chat.

lap the conversation on facebook

Step 4: If you no longer want to have a group chat, you can click the button pinion and choose Leave Conversation … to leave the group conversation.

chat on facebook

2. Create a Facebook group chat on your phone

The way to create Facebook group chats on phones and computers has many similarities, so you can refer to and do the same. However, to know how to do more specific, please refer to the content Here.

So you know how to create group chats on Facebook with just the simple steps above, so you can freely chat group, close friends … right on your desktop. In addition, to use Facebook more effectively on your computer you can use Facebook Desktop or Facebook Pro
On Facebook, if you want to download Facebook chat history to your computer is not difficult, currently, Facebook has allowed users to Download Facebook chat history About to save conversations with his friends and relatives. Please experience this feature soon.


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