How to create a guessing game on PowerPoint

How to create a guessing game on PowerPoint

PowerPoint is an application that helps create slides for presentations, you can use them in teaching lessons, presentations, and you can even use them to create games on this software. Today’s tutorial, we will show you how to create a guessing game on PowerPoint with simple steps.

With Word guessing game on PowerPoint then you will use images that are covered by different puzzle pieces. Each question will have answers, and once you complete those questions, the puzzle will disappear and display the original image to guess. Job Create a PowerPoint guessing game This will be very suitable for teachers, teachers to use, may be integrated into the lecture, integrated into the Q&A sections in the lecture for students to participate in guessing.

Making a guessing game on Powerpoint

How to create a guessing game on PowerPoint

In this article, will use it PowerPoint 2016 to demonstrate how to make a guessing game in PowerPoint

Step 1: At the first slide you need to insert the question image into the slide. You go to the tab Insert -> select Picture to perform insertion.

Next, you use the pieces to hide this original image. You go to the tab Insert -> select Shapes -> then select a rectangle like the image below.

Create a Powerpoint 2 game

Step 2: You draw the image to obscure the original image as shown below. You can, depending on the question, draw the number of images that obscure the original image as part or all. Then you have the main border color card for the pieces you want.

how to play powerpoint graphics 3

You can add effects to each piece if you like. You on Fomat -> select Shape Effects.

Create a Powerpoint Game 4

Step 3: Next, you will enter questions with different answer options -> and when answered correctly, the puzzle piece will be opened.

To create question 1, go to the tab Home -> select New Slide -> then click on Title and Content to add a new slide.

Create a Powerpoint Game 5

The new slide appears -> enter the question in the Text box above, then you can edit the font, font size … accordingly.

how to play powerpoint graphics 6

Step 4: You delete the Text box at the bottom and then on Insert ->Shapes -> choose another rectangle such as the rounded rectangle or any other shape if you want.

how to play powerpoint graphics 7

Then, you create different shapes -> and then fill in the answers to the questions -> type in, you should also edit the frame, customize the color, font, font size … accordingly.

Create a Powerpoint Game 8

Step 5: You can choose the effect for the given answers by clicking the tab Animations -> choose any effect.

how to play powerpoint graphics 9

To make the effect of right and wrong answers, you can choose to have the effect automatically turn green with correct answers, for example, while incorrect answers will turn red. You on Animations -> select Add Animation –> then select Fill Color in Emphasis.

how to create powerpoint graphics 10

In section Effect Options You choose the blue color for the correct answer is B.

Create a Powerpoint Game 11

Step 6: You choose to continue Animation Pane in the upper corner. At the effect adjustment bar on the right of the screen -> select the triangle icon next to the color change effect name of answer B just added -> and then click select Timing.

Create a Powerpoint Game 12

Dialog box Fill Color appears -> you choose Triggers -> then click Start effect on click of -> find and select the image name containing the answer B.

Create a Powerpoint Game 13

With the wrong answers, continue to assign the same red color and choose Timing same as above.

Create a Powerpoint Game 14

The results you will see in each answer will have 2 different effects.

Create a Powerpoint Game 15

Step 7: When you have finished creating the question for the first slide. You clicked Insert -> select Shapes -> select the homepage icon in Action Button to add a button to return to the guessing interface.

how to play powerpoint picture 16

You draw the icon at the end of the slide -> will display a dialog box Action Settings. Click on the tab Mouse Click -> select Hyperlink to is First Slide to return to the guessing interface when you press this icon. Finally you press OK, got it to turn off this dialog, and you’ve created a question slide.

Create a Powerpoint Game 17

Step 8: To create a new slide for the next question -> right click -> select Duplicate Slide to copy – paste a new slide exactly like the one you just created. Then, you continue to create more slides for 4 pieces of the original image.

Create a Powerpoint 18 game

You edit the content of the question as well as the answer to the new question.

Create a Powerpoint Game 19

Step 9: When you have all the question slides -> you go back to guess the first picture -> then enter the sequence number for each piece.

Create a Powerpoint 20 game

You select all 4 pieces -> and then select Animations -> select effects in section Exit so that the pieces disappear and show the image that you covered at the beginning. The picture below is our choice Shrink & Turn, you can choose another effect if you like.

Create a Powerpoint 21 game

You can adjust the time for the puzzle pieces to disappear in the section Duration

Create a Powerpoint Game 22

Step 10: To click on the pieces from 1 to 4 will correspond to the slide show question number 1, 2, 3, 4 then you need to assign the link for each piece.

Right-click on the puzzle piece 1 -> select Hyperlink.

how to play powerpoint graphics 23

Dialog box Insert Hyperlink appears -> you choose Place in This Document. In Select a place in this document -> you choose to go to slide number 2 corresponding to question number 1. You should preview the content in the slide right display, if wrong then select again correctly.

Create a Powerpoint 24 game

Similarly, you choose Slide 3 for question 2. The other pieces (if any), you do the same.

Create a Powerpoint 25 game

Step 11: You click on Animations -> select Animation Pane. Here, click on the effect Exit of the puzzle piece 1 -> select a triangle and then continue Timing.

Create a Powerpoint 26 Game

In Timing -> click Trigger -> select Start effect on click of -> then choose the correct name of the puzzle piece 1.

Create a Powerpoint Game 27

Continue you assign Trigger with pieces 2, 3, 4 and in Start effect on click of friend need Choose the name of the puzzle piece.

Create a Powerpoint 28 game

Step 12: To this step, you create more images to click will show the final image answers. You can draw the position of the slide you want -> then type the word Answer.

Create a Powerpoint 29 game

You can create more effects for Answer by going to Animations -> choose the effect you want.

Next, you also choose Timing same way as above.

Create a game in Powerpoint 30

This is the image after you have created the guessing game when you press it F5 to show.

Create a Powerpoint 31 game

If you click the correct answer will automatically turn green as shown below:

Create a Powerpoint 32 Game

If you choose the wrong answer, it will be red:

Create a Powerpoint 33 game

When you return, you will see the puzzle pieces are turned over:

Create a Powerpoint 34 Game

So you already know how to create a picture guessing game in PowerPoint and that! Although the steps are a bit long, you just need to watch carefully and follow the instructions in turn to be successful. Please note that when you have done the question slides, you need to link to each piece of the puzzle to guess. With effects, you depend on the question, the content of the question to choose different effects to best suit offline.
In addition to creating a guessing game, you can too do crosswords on PowerPoint shared to integrate between learning and playing when you show the lectures on slides, and the ultimate goal is to create a lively, fun atmosphere during the lessons. Good luck!


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