How to create a new folder with CMD on Windows

Taimienphi guides you how to create a new folder with CMD (Command Prompt) instead of using the mouse manually as before, this way, you can create a series of new folders in any folder on your computer or laptop. His / her content below will discuss this issue in detail.

CMD or known as Command Prompt, the tool is preinstalled on Windows with lots of features that not everyone knows. Creating a folder with CMD is one of them, but this feature is less noticeable as well as used because for many people, the graphical interface is much more convenient to use than the Text interface of CMD.

If today’s graphical interface is so convenient, why do we need to know how to create a folder using CMD? But if you are a computer enthusiast, or explore the computer features, you will not be able to ignore the CMD tool and what it does. Have you ever tried to speed up the Internet with CMD or not, accelerating the Internet with CMD is just one of the few features that CMD brings and there are many other features we can use the command CMD to intervene. Normal use does not work.

How to create a folder with CMD

Step 1: First open CMD by pressing Windows keys to open Menustart then you type CMD is going out.

Create a new folder with cmd on windows 2

Step 2: And after the Command Prompt is opened you need to determine which folder you want to create with CMD (C, D, E, G …). And in this example, wants Create a folder using CMD on drive G so before we have to use the CMD command to access that drive.

You just need to type the command drive name>:, for example drive G is G:.

Create a new folder with cmd on windows 3

Step 3: Immediately you see the Command Prompt show G: then you type the command mkdir ên>.

Create a new folder with cmd on windows 4

For example, here will type is mkdir taimienphi1 to create taimienphi1 directory.

Step 4: You can verify that your folder has been created by going to drive G.

Create a new folder with cmd on windows 5

And so we have finished creating folders with CMD already.

Step 5: In case you do not want to create one folder at a time, but many folders at once. For example, create 3, 4 subfolders of taimienphi1 folder, first access this folder by command cd taimienphi1 Please.

Create a new folder with cmd on windows 6

Step 6: Next you use md command ên>ên>. For example, here want to create 4 directories named mienphi1 to mienphi4, then type the command:

md mienphi1 mienphi2 mienphi3 mienphi4

Create a new folder with cmd on windows 7

Step 7: You can then use that dir command to check the number of existing folders in the current folder.

Create a new folder with cmd on windows 8

Or go directly to drive G on Windwos to see whether creating folders with CMD with many folders completed.

Create a new folder with cmd on Windows 9

Through 2 examples on, I have instructed you to create folders with CMD in case of creating one or more folders at once. This is a basic lesson for anyone who wants to get used to the Command Prompt.
And if you want to learn more about Command Prompt, you can read through our tutorial article about some DOS commands or use in CMD. In the article is a summary of DOS commands are often used in CMD, popular now.


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