How to create a partition when installing Windows 7

How to create a partition when installing Windows 7

You can divide partitions when installing Windows 7 to save time and optimize the amount of data stored on the hard drive. This article will guide you to use the hard disk partitioning function on the Windows 7 installation.

Depending on your needs, you should divide the partition appropriately. There should be at least one partition to install the operating system and a partition to store data for easy management. With the article below will guide you how to split the hard drive partition when installing Windows 7 to help you easily read the appropriate partition, without having to install any software.


Step 1: Use the installation disc to enter the Windows 7 operating system installation process or use USB Boot to install Windows 7

Step 2: At the main interface of the installer, after selecting the appropriate options click next

Step 3: Choose Install Now in the next window.

How to create a clean Windows 7?

Step 4: Check the box I accept the license terms to agree to Microsoft’s terms. Then choose next

How to create a clean Windows 7?

Step 5: Choose Custom (Advanced) for advanced installation options, including partitioning for hard drives when installing Windows 7.

How to create a clean Windows 7?

Step 6: The interface here shows the number of partitions, the partition name and the size of your hard drive partition. You can perform an additional hard drive partition with one or two partitions depending on the storage and management of your data.

How to create a clean Windows 7?

Step 7: There will be only one partition if you have not divided any other partitions. Choose Drive options (advanced) to show you some options for partitioning your hard drive. Here are the options:

new : Create a new partition
Delete : Delete a partition (including deleting all data on that partition)
Format : Wipe the data contained on the selected partition
Extend : Expand the selected partition (in case your hard disk has a lot of free space)

To create a new partition, select New. Then enter the size of the partition you want to create into the box Size (unit: MB). Finally choose Apply to complete the partitioning procedure when installing Windows 7.

If you want to create a partition for operating system installation, set the minimum size of the partition as 20GB (20480MB) so that the operating system can operate in the most stable way

How to create a clean Windows 7?

Step 8: A new partition will appear on the installer, please check it carefully. Then click next for the installer to partition and install the Windows 7 operating system.

How to create a clean Windows 7?
So you have completed the partition when installing Windows 7 operating system. If you have not read how to install Windows 7 operating system, please refer to the article on how to install Windows 7. In addition, readers can also use the Disk Management function available on the operating system to split drive on Windows 7 with Disk Management without having to reinstall Win.


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