How to create a PDF file from a photo, 3 steps to convert a JPG image to a PDF simply

How to create a PDF file from a photo, 3 steps to convert a JPG image to a PDF simply

Today converting any text file into PDF format is not too difficult because there are so many support tools. But have you ever thought that your beautiful photos could be in PDF format? Let JPG To PDF help you do this.

PDF is a popular format today and is becoming increasingly necessary in all document exchange activities. Therefore, the trend of users who want to create PDF files, convert text to PDF as much. Especially to convert images (.jpg, .png, ..) to PDF, there are also quite a lot of software for you to choose, here will guide you how to create PDF from JPG To image files PDF.

Guide Create PDF from images with JPG To PDF

Step 1: Download and install JPG To PDF software on the computer. You can download the latest version of JPG To PDF here.

Software interface as shown below

Step 2: About pictures

You want to do this first you have to have photos in file formats: JPG, BMP, TIF, GIF, PNG.

The second step in this step is that the photos must be the same size (change the Windth and Height, this can use paint in windows or some photo editing tools to do this). Aesthetics after forming.

Step 3: Start creating

From the program interface we click Add to add each image file 1 or Add Folder To add pictures in the folder:

After adding the photos into the canvas, the next thing is to convert to PDF by clicking Conver :

After finishing, the next thing will be shown where the PDF file has just been transferred.
Encapsulated in 3 simple steps above, you can create PDF files from photos using JPG To PDF software, so that the photos are converted into PDF files. This is considered a fairly common format and is used by many users today. Alternatively, you can use other photo-to-PDF conversion software to perform this trick. Once created, you will need to use the PDF file reader software, there are quite a lot of software to support you to read the PDF file, but suggests you to use Foxit Reader, this is a fairly large software. small but the effect it brings is quite large, or you can use the Soda PDF software that we introduced not long ago when it was rated as a replacement Foxit Reader.


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