How to create a “Where to Go, How to Go” photo on Facebook

In addition to the way of making images of the Eye that introduced to you before, in this article, we will show you how to prepare photos “Go somewhere, Back then,” following the latest trend on Facebook without Which photo editing tools are needed. Please follow along this article!

Similar to previous photo design movement like creation Certificate of old lady’s license, transplant his face to the famous person, even though it has just appeared for a short time, but the photos “Going somewhere, stars back” are shared quickly by netizens because of varied content from many funny situations. humor in life.

Create an image of “Go somewhere Back then” on Facebook

Nowadays, this trend is spread even more strongly when a number of Facebook apps now support, help you create your own. Go somewhere and then be funny, interesting with just a few steps.

How to create a photo Go somewhere Back then on Facebook

Step 1: Follow the link to the Aha app on Facebook, create photo support. Go somewhere and back Here
Step 2: The Aha application will display a welcome window with a notice that it will use some basic information on your profile to serve photo processing. Press Play now .

I covered Di Diem why whip

Step 3: In the list of mock-up patterns on the application, you find and click It is a sad story .

His design covered where he left off

Step 4: Select a gender in the application’s window.

I covered my head where did I go

Screen if the ad appears, click X mark in the left corner to turn off.

I'm the one who covered Do is a sad question

Step 5: A sample conversation content Go somewhere then back will automatically be created, you press Share on Facebook to post to your profile.

Why do you hide on Facebook?

Step 6: In the post posting field, enter a description of the image, or a comment then click To post .

Design your Facebook state Where are you going?
After 6 steps, you can easily create your own “Where to Go, How to Go” photo on Facebook quickly and easily. In addition, you can also refer to the content to create other funny photo in the list of applications to share the joy to your friends. Good luck.


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