How to create a Windows To Go USB drive with AOMEI Partition Assistant, which stores the Windows operating system

Creating a Windows to Go USB with AOMEI Partition Assistant will give you more flexibility in using your personal data on multiple mobile devices, wherever you are. To put it more simply, Windows to Go is an operating system that is installed on USB, booting with USB instead of the internal HDD as we usually use.

Windows to Go is not a strange operating system, but Windows 8/10 is used through a number of tools to optimize and install on USB such as AOMEI Parttion Assistant, Rufus, … Creating a Windows to Go USB will It is very convenient and suitable for individuals who are always on the move for work or rescue in case Windows often fails to start automatically. Especially, AOMEI Parttion Assistant allows you to create USB Windows to go from any Windows 8/10 very easily



– 01 USB or portable hard drive with a minimum capacity of 32GB to install Windows to Go
– Windows 10 operating system installer: Download Windows 10 or Windows 8 operating system: Download Windows 8
– Download and install the latest version of AOMEI Partition Assistant here: Download AOMEI Partition Assistant


Step 1:Connect USB / mobile hard drive prepared into the computer. Then launch the tool AOMEI Partition Assistant, in the main interface of the tool select Windows To Go Creator to start the setup to create Windows to Go USB with AOMEI Partition Assistant.

Step 2: On the Windows To Go Creator window, select the correct USB / removable hard drive with a capacity of over 32GB that you connected earlier in the section Select a USB Drive. Then click Browse to find the Windows 8/10 installer

Step 3: Select the correct Windows installation of architecture that you want to create Windows USB to go to then select Open.

Step 4: After selecting the Windows installation, you will be taken to the Windows To Go Creator window. Here you confirm the information such as USB drive, Windows installation selected to create USB Windows To Go has been correctly avoided unfortunately, then click Proceed when checked for correct information.

Step 5: The tool will display a warning that all data in your USB / mobile hard drive will be erased when creating a Windows To Go USB. So you should back up important data before clicking YES to start the unpacking process and install Windows To Go on the USB.

Step 6: The process of creating the Windows To Go USB will take a while depending on the computer speed and the size of the Windows installer. After the process is completed, the tool will display a notice The operation completed successfully.

So you’re done creating Windows To Go USB with the operating system and booting Windows To Go on any device that you attach the USB. You can use WinToUSB to install versions of Windows 8 or smaller when you only have USBs less than 16GB.
Creating a Windows To Go USB is a fairly effective “fire-fighting” method when you need to use a computer, but Windows has an error. If you need to fix Windows errors quickly and conveniently with USB, you should create boot with Hiren’s Boot with many powerful features to help you repair, restore data, …


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