How to create a Zalo photo frame to cheer for the Vietnamese team at Sea Games 31

How to create a Zalo photo frame to cheer the Vietnamese team will be detailed by step by step with attached photos. You can refer to it so that you can create a beautiful photo frame to support the Vietnamese team in Sea Games 31.

To support Vietnamese athletes at Sea Games 31Zalo has implemented the design of avatar frames with this theme to help people easily create Zalo photo frames to cheer the Vietnamese team, express the national spirit and solidarity towards Sea Games 31.

Change Zalo avatar picture frame

Instructions to create a Zalo photo frame to cheer for the Vietnamese team

Download Zalo to your device:
– Load Zalo for Android
– Load Zalo for iPhone

Note: will show you how to change the Avatar Zalo frame on Android, iPhone users also do the same.

Step 1: On the phone, you Open the Zalo application and proceed to log in into the.
Step 2: At the bottom of the interfaceyou click clock icon (Diary) (Figure 1). Next, click on “Try it now” (Figure 2).

Create a Zalo avatar frame also shares a lot of Zalo tips such as How to unlock Zalo with fingerprints, how to display phone numbers on Zalo, how to block messages…. You can go to the website for reference and use. Zalo with the best experience.

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Step 3: Friend slip and choose photo frame that you want to frame your Avatar (Figure 3). Next, you want the image to have a cheery photo frame to longer than 7 days then you click on the box “Leave temporarily for 7 days” to delete the tick. If you don’t delete the tick, then after 7 days, the photo frame will disappear by itself, return to the old photo. Next, you click “Set as Avatar” to complete the process (Figure 4).

Change the frame of your life Zalo
Surely with the instructions on how to create a Zalo photo frame to cheer for the Vietnamese team, you have created an easy and beautiful Zalo avatar frame towards this Sea Games 31.

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