How to create a Zip file on your computer

There are many options to create Zip files on your computer such as using WinRAR or 7 Zip software but this is not the best way to get a Zip file with the best quality and still ensure safety. If you are wondering the above problem, let explore the article below.

Job Create Zip file on computer nothing difficult and this is also the basic knowledge of anyone who uses computers, especially office workers. However, have you ever learned to specialize in the functions when compressing files that software or tool offers and whether changing that parameter when compressing files will affect the quality or security of the file? is not ?

Each software and tool has different settings and associated assistive technologies. In this article, will guide you how to create Zip files on your computer based on the best free software currently 7 Zip. And now let’s start creating Zip files on the computer offline.

Instructions to create a Zip file on the computer

Introduction of 7 Zip

7 Zip is free software developed by Igor Pavlov and distributed under the GNU open source license. 7 Zip is considered one of the best Zip file creation software on the computer today and directly competes with the remaining competitors Win Zip and WinRAR.

Create a Zip file on your computer using 7 Zip

Step 1: To be able to create Zip files on computers with 7 Zip of course we must have this software on the computer, if not please download 7 Zip about here.

Step 2: After downloading 7 Zip and the installation is complete, you just need to right click on any file to create a Zip file on your computer, the right-click menu will automatically add this tool and select 7 Zip> Add to archive to be able to create Zip files on computers as well as install more customizations in this software.

How to create a zip file on a computer 2

Step 3: Before determining how to create a Zip file on the computer below we have a bunch of different parameters included Archive format, Compression level or Word Size And in this article, will help readers learn the above parameters to better understand the custom process of creating Zip files on the computer.

How to create a zip file on a computer 3

Archive format: The first is the Archive format section that allows us to select the type of compressed file when exporting, there are several formats such as tar, wim, xz and Zip are all compressed formats but each has its own purpose. Such as Gzip As you can see in the screenshot below, an example is a format that is heavily used to compress and reduce the size of server files before sending them to the client to save bandwidth and speed up web downloads.

But of course we will choose 7 Zip because of its comprehensive nature as well as high security.

How to create a zip file on a computer 4

Compression level: You can roughly understand this function is level of compression with level The most basic is Store and the most advanced is Ultra, normally the system will Normal for you when creating a Zip file on your computer. But of course we have the right to change these parameters as we wish and the higher the level, the better the file compression speed, the smaller the file size But data security. However, its weakness is longer compression time Because many advanced compression algorithms are used for your file.

how to create a zip file on a computer 5

Compression method: The next part is we choose the compression method, which is the same as what formula you use for your problem, today. LZMA2 is the most popular method to improve LZMA with encoding and decoding on the same board. LZMA2 is also certified as a safe compression method, high security and for output file compression is not too high.

How to create a zip file on a computer 6

Dictionary Size: The amount of RAM used to compress and decompress, the larger the number, the more RAM is used, the more the stronger and faster the compression.

Word Size: The number of characters that the algorithm supports for your file, you are allowed to customize as you like and the maximum in LZMA2 and LZMA is 273 characters, the higher the number of characters, the better security and encryption of the file. friend.

Solid Block Size: This is the level of hard compression, the higher the number the stronger the compression but the compression and decompression speed of course is a lot slower.

Number of CPU Threads: Based on your computer’s CPU, maximum hardware support for file encryption, if you have a high-quality CPU, the time to compress and decompress files is greatly reduced.

how to create a zip file on a computer 7

Encryption: A very important sequel is the security when creating a Zip file on the computer, 7 Zip supports AES 256 is a symmetric block cipher with a key length of 128 bits (a valid binary digit). 0 or 1), 192 bits and 256 bits respectively are AES-128, AES-192 and AES-256. One Advanced file encryption standards today to ensure that no other tool can ever crack your password.

how to create a zip file on a computer 8

And after finding out all about the components when creating Zip files on your computer, the rest of your job is just creating a compressed file only, as shown below are 3 compressed files created by from the software. 7 Zip above, creating a 7 Zip file will help your computer be more tidy, with image files and data compressed in a smaller capacity.

Note: Exe file format compressed but not reduced capacity.

how to create a zip file on a computer 8

Hopefully, with the parameters that just explained for you above will help you can create Zip files on your own computer, ensuring the balance between performance and quality of compressed files, depending on the type. The file you apply each has its own compression method.
In addition to 7 Zip, we still have a lot of other software and compression tools like WinRAR, Win Zip. Especially when WinRAR is so popular right now, have you ever wondered between WinRAR and 7 Zip which is better? There are a number of articles comparing WinRAR and 7 Zip that can prove these two tools and if interested, refer to the article. Compare WinRAR and 7 Zip’s practical experience.


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