How to create and prepare a payroll photo of Canh Ty Tet Festival 2020

The movement to create a payroll photo of Tet Canh Ty 2020 is being concerned by many people because of its humorous content, making many people cry, and if you want to make such a picture, please see the instructions in the content. posts.

Every time it comes to the end of the year, the topic salaries and Tet bonuses always be discussed and concerned by many people. Besides the funny stories, many people recently shared with each other the picture of “120,000 Tet bonus table” very funny.

Instructions for preparing Tet’s payroll photos

If you want too Image processing payroll New Year Catch trend, joke with friends, do not skip this article of Taimienphi!

Instructions for preparing the payroll photo of Canh Ty Tet Festival 2020

Step 1: Access to photo processing page by link Here
Step 2: In the image processing screen, you enter the information:
Enter name: Your full name. (Should enter full name for the same)
Position: Your current working position.
Once completed, click the button Create a photo .

How to protect your employer by 2020 2020 2

Step 3: The image creation process begins, you wait a few seconds. After the system has created the image, you will have 3 options.
Save : Download the image to the device.
Share: Post your photo on social networks immediately for your friends to see.
Regenerate : Redesigned a new creation.

How to protect your employer by 2020 2020 3

If selected Save Immediately, the completed work will be as illustrated below.

How to protect your employer by 2020 2020 4
With just a few simple steps and image editing tools, online photo editing, Taimienphi helped you quickly create a funny, witty 2020 Tet Ty bonus payroll image. Hopefully this work will bring a lot of laughter to you, your friends and your family during the upcoming New Year. Taimienphi please send these happy New Year to you have an opportunity[happyholidaylotsofluck[nghỉlễvuivẻnhiềumaymắn


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