How to create and share Docs documents on Facebook

You can share document files online to many linked social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. with many different storage tools. But have you tried using as a tool to help you share documents with friends? This article will guide you to create and share documents on Facebook through Docs.

Docs is an office tool created by Microsoft itself – the father of the most popular office toolkit today Microsoft Office. Therefore, Docs inherits advanced document management features, supporting many types of documents PowerPoint, Word, Excel, PDF, … Not only that, Docs also allows users to interact with documents such as Comment, create, share documentson Facebook with Docs, …


I. Drafting documents online on Docs

Step 1: In the upper left corner menu select the square icon, then select the type of text to edit as Word, Excel, Power Point, … depending on your purpose.

Step 2: You will need a Microsoft account to log in to the online office service. Choose Sign in with a Microsoft Account If you already have a Micsoft account or choose Sign up for a new account If you do not have and need to create a Microsoft account

I will share it on Facebook via docs

Step 3: Choose New Blank Document to draft a new document.

I will share it on Facebook via docs

Step 4: After you have finished editing, the archive will automatically save. If you want to share your documents on social networks, you need to get the link of your document to switch to the document sharing service by selecting Share At the menu in the upper right corner, select item Get a link Then you can choose the right Edit or View only then press Create a link To copy the generated path.

I will share it on Facebook via docs

After copying the link, you can move on to the next step to upload and share documents through Docs

II. Upload and share documents via Docs

Step 1: First, log in and use the Docs service at Click here Sign in in the upper right menu of the screen.

I will share it on Facebook via docs

Step 2: Log in with your account Facebook to link directly to the account Facebook your. At the login page, click the logo Facebook below.

I will share it on Facebook via docs

Step 3: Enter your Facebook password and account as usual. This step is completely confidential so please be assured that your account information will not be revealed to anyone.

I will share it on Facebook via docs

Step 4: Choose Continue as … to give the app access to your profile

I will share it on Facebook via docs

Step 5: After completing step 4, you will be redirected to the address of Here you can see the upload frame of the tool. Copy and Paste The link was created at Part I into the box Or enter a URL. If you already have documents on your computer, you can upload them by drag and drop documents in the left pane or find and enter data directly by selecting Computer

I will share it on Facebook via docs

Step 6: Navigate to your document, then select Open

I will share it on Facebook via docs

Step 7: After the document is uploaded, you can edit the document information in the right pane such as:

Title : Edit the document title

Author : The writer’s name

description : Set a description for the document

Backgroundimage: Select a background image for the document

Visibility : Can be selected publicly or limited to only those who have the link of the document to view

Viewer acitivities : There are 3 options

– Allow comments in this document

– Permission to download documents.

– Login required to download

Creative Commons Attributton : Copyright CC BY, there is no need to tick the box

Tags : put tags related to the document to facilitate the search

Language : Select the language of the document.

After setting the properties, click Save to save the data

I will share it on Facebook via docs

Step 8: The tool will ask you again You are making your documents public online so search engines can find your documents. Make sure your document does not contain any personal information that you do not want to share. ” . Check the first box Do not show this message again If you do not want this message to be repeated. Click Save After checking all your information.

I will share it on Facebook via docs

Step 9: So you’re done uploading and updating document information on Docs, to share documents Facebook With friends select the icon Facebook in the toolbar at the upper right of the screen.

I will share it on Facebook via docs

Step 10: Write more status lines, select the object that can view your shared posts. Then choose Post to Facebook

I will share it on Facebook via docs

So you have finished creating and sharing documents Facebook With your friends, you can see the article shared on your home wall

I will share it on Facebook via docs

Through sharing documents on Docs, people can view and comment right on your document page. This very detailed and detailed tutorial also helps you to have an additional way to use office tools online without having to download resources to your computer, making it easier for you to edit documents and collect documents. collecting opinions from friends and users online.
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